CPE Kephart Two Year Review


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Feb 3, 2011
I just saw Paul has a new forum and a blank wall.

So I will gladly kick it off for a wonderful knife maker and darn nice guy.

I have used this CPE Kephart for the last two (or could be three?) hunting seasons. It has been put to work on up to five animals in one session, one deer and four pigs. Pigs hides are harder on edges than deer.

Edge retention is excellent, with just touching up on a small pocket size ceramic rod along to way in a session.

The steel is 20cv, which Paul heat treats himself. There was no chipping at all, which pig hides with mud can cause.

Paul uses a 4” blade. The original Kepharts offered a choice of 4” or 5” blade. See the original ad embedded in this interesting article: https://www.knifemagazine.com/the-original-kephart-examined/

It probably is personal preference, but a 4” blade is handier than a 5” for me, especially for cleaning critters.

Paul’s handle shape is very comfortable. The flats actually make the knife easier to control when it is wet or has blood on it.

So after many deer and many, many pigs, I give this a big thumbs up and very happily recommend it. Plus, Paul is super nice and easy to work with
The nicely executed swedge maintains the symmetry of the profile and a well supported strong tip.

Bottom line - this is a solid workhorse, great value, great design, great knife, and great guy to deal with. Well done Paul. 😊👍

Nice review. I have one of these in MC. Unfortunately in a different state, currently.