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Jun 20, 2018
Moved from the Good, Bad and Ugly into Paul's new forum .... (Thank you E. !)


I just received my 3rd fixed Fuller from Paul / CPE_Knives CPE_Knives , and it’s another great one. I bought two of his knives from the Exchange, and one was made custom.

Do you like larger knives, wear them on your belt, and - when you take your pants off - dread the “clonk” they will make on the floor ? :)

Paul’s knives are not like this: via sophisticated sceletonized tangs and long fullers, they are surprisingly light and very well balanced for full tang knives; yet they are tough as nails. Also, I like Carbon steels with some chrome contents (3% or more), they are easier to maintain in my use which always includes some food duty, and that’s exactly the steels that Paul uses. I’m obsessed about good sheaths, what’s a fixed blade worth if you can’t carry it comfortably ? Paul’s Kydex sheaths are great, very well fitting with great retention, and no wasted Kydex: they appear small to the point that you’ll be surprised by how large the knife is when you pull it out of the sheath.

Finally, I feel the knives are just beautiful, the finish is excellent, and the price Paul charges for the amount of time he puts into making his knives is more than reasonable.

Note also, that throughout the process of making a custom knife, Paul will update you with pictures. I love that.

Anyways, pictures tell more than thousand words, here the knives depicted together with a Hinderer Fieldtac for size comparison. From left to right: A2 + G10, S7 + Ironwood, CPM M4 and Micarta, and the Hinderer in Nitro-V and Micarta. Notice how much thinner and heavier the Hinderer is. Hinderer sceletonizes his tangs too, BTW.




The tang of the S7/Ironwood knife (Photo by Paul):


Thanks again Paul.

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So I asked Paul CPE_Knives CPE_Knives to make me another Fuller, this time a little smaller, 5-6" blade length, and stainless for food duty, among others. I just received it in the mail today, and it is exceeding expectations.

Photo by Paul after grinding; he chose AEB-L:


Finished product with Cocobolo scales in my hands:


I added the Buck in the photos, so you get a feeling just how light a fixed blade with 5 3/4" blade length, in a tough steel with respectably thick stock can be - Amazing to me:



Thanks again for making this, Paul.

Here's my 3. The brown hadle one is my daughter's, it was her first knife and Paul made a nice sheath with her initials on it. She loves carrying it when we hike and has to stop everyone to show them she's a "big kid" with her own knife 🙂 the one on top i had commissioned by Paul and love how it turned out, it's my main fixed blade carry
Just got another great one from Paul CPE_Knives CPE_Knives : an AEB-L Bravo-12. Here in comparison to my SOB (I’ll use the Bravo as a stainless FFG version of the SOB going forward):



Great knife. I think there is another copy in Jade G10 in the classifieds - I warmly recommend it.

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Nice score looks like some nice blades. I like that orange knife and the overall blade designs.
I guess I owe an update, as more of Paul’s knives have made their way into our household :)

- the little 3V tanto above went to Switzerland, daughter #1 didn’t want to return it
- some use of above knives and some additional blades Paul made since I created this thread:






And, in case you wonder :), batoning Paul’s fullers is no issue, he leaves 1/8” thickness in the fuller (from the typical original 0.25” stock, that I appreciate). This is the left 7” A2 Fuller from post #1:

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Long due thread up-to-date of CPE_Knives CPE_Knives work:

I do really like Paul's fullers .....



One can never have enough Bravo 12:


I now have two Mako XL in NitroV, every good knife needs a backup.


A small EDC in 10V (how rare is that ?!):


And a fullered Mako - Paul's sheath work is amazing.




Paul does hollow grinds, too !


And finally, two Kwaikens: one in Magnacut for the kitchen, and a slightly evolved and fullered one in 3V for carry:



That's all for now, folks ! :)

Keep sharing your CPE Knives !
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