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CPM 154 Heat Treat

last blade i had tested in cpm154 (my folder blade) i did
1500 7 min preheat
ramp to 2050 hold 30 min
plate quench
cryo over night in Ln
then temper 2x 2hours at 400
Rc at 62ish closer to 63 but didnt take multi readings
hope that helps
:) Yes, gixxer there is another Sandy Hook(North Eastern, KY) population around 2500 on a good day.

block thanks for the information, thats what I was looking for, this is the first time I have used any of the cpm steels and wanted to get it right the first time.
just remember that all kilns read different so it could be + or - some ( i had to work up to those #s )
best bet is to have a few test blanks like 1 inch square that you can do some tests on at least hardness
You can get test cones from pottery supply sites that melt at set temperatures that are made to calibrate kilns.