CPM-S110V and Maxamet Damascus?

Stacy E. Apelt - Bladesmith

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Aug 20, 2004
This happens when the question is hypothetical. The fellows here are hard working bladesmiths and some blacksmiths. Some of these guys don't even know what that word is. This site is for Q&A on knife techniques and supplies. While your question is on these subjects it isn't a real question. I will kove this thread to Around the Grinder, where we do most of this kind of musing.

If you ever decide to pursue the idea, take a good look at Damacore. It is pretty much what you want .... and not cheap at all!


Warren J. Krywko
Feb 23, 2013
That's why people are telling about things like damasteel that you could clad the blade with and put in a core. Looks and the edge you want. Still not cheap but can be done. The reason much Damascus is 15n20 and 1084 is that they have similar heat treatment and still give a great pattern. If steels are to far apart in the way they shrink when they cool down they can RIP apart. Then when it comes to heat treatment it is highly targeted for a intended use and the heat control is tighter than what most bakers would use. Many knife makers actually add extra thermo couples to map out their ovens to make sure they are both accurate and even. So when you take to crazy steels and mix them the chance of getting less than one on it's own is high.

the low (nonexistent) chromium and near zero carbides makes welding and manipulating these steels much easier than any medium or high alloy steel.
Feb 19, 2019
Ok. Thank you for dumbing it down for me. :) I'm pretty new to this, heard a lot of good things about both these steels, seemed like just from their edge retention, corrosion resistance, brittleness etc., they could go well together. I just wasn't able to find their forging temps, heat treat temps, metallurgy, etc., so I wasn't able to just kibosh the idea. Thank you for your help in putting my mind at ease. So, you suggested a damasteel cladding on a core. What would you suggest for a core (keeping in mind that this is a relatively thin, small knife), and you mean the brand damasteel, right? Not just an abbreviation for damascus? Thanks.

Did you ever get the info you wanted? They definitely meant damasteel. They have some cored san mai. It is very different steel than most Damascus it is a powder metal steel and is good on its own, but if it comes with a core the core steel is better yet. I haven't ever used Diondamascus.com but his stuff is awesome. He does custom work too. I don't know what you you are thinking about spending but its expensive. I would worry about carrying it. If you bought all off the shelf items you still might be $500 in materials alone. A custom knife with all premium materials is going to be expensive if he has to do extra custom work you might go down to the used car dealers and decide what you don't want.