Aug 15, 1999
I have read abut cpm10v, and am trying to
locate Phil Wilson who is a knifemaker that
makes knives in that steel.

Also looking for other knifemakers that offer
simple fixed blades of the utility type in that steel.

Can anyone help?


Thomas Zinn
I don't think Phil has a webpage where you can see his work or read about his knives which is too bad actually. His email is seamountpcw@earthlink.net. Rob Simonich <knives@mt.net> has made knives out of CPM-10V before as well.


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I have made a few knives out of 10-V. Its almost as expensive as Talonite, and very tough to grind in the annealed state. It isnt very tough or corrosion resistant, but works well in small utility knives. It seems to be a great edgeholder with what little I played with it. It is easily heat treated with a good furnace, very snappy.