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CPM3V fixed blade by Schott.

Oct 10, 1998
The knife I am writing about is one calls a small camp knife. Mine has is very similar to one he has on his web site. The knife is convex ground and made of CPM3V. The handle is a flat cord wrap with ray skin underneath of the wrap. The knife was very sharp when I first recieved it. The knife cut all the normal things I use a knife for at work with greatest of ease. Those materials are heavy cardboard skid cartons, plastic pallet banding, and a thin plastic shrink wrap. The knife lost it's razor sharp edge after about the third day of use but still shaved hair. However it did not cut the shrink wrap as well as it once did. After two weeks of daily use I have not sharpend the knife and it still shaves hair. It still cuts heavy cardboard and the plastic banding with the greatest of ease and has become my banding/cardboard cutting tool. The sheath is a brown leather that is nice and heavy and is set up for a horizontal carry. I find the sheath to e very secure and have not any problems with the knife coming out of its' sheath at a bad time. I myself prefer horizontal carry at least at this point and time. The knife does not get in the way all that bad while seated and driveing a car is not a problem when wearing the knife. Several of my co-workers have commented how impressed they have been with this all business knife and it's ability to cut. I am generally the guy someone comes to when they need a knife. I always ask what their opinion is of a given knife after using it and factor that in when judging the performance of a knife. I have not oiled the knife and thus far there is no sign of corrosion which is a big bonus IMO. I highly recommend this steel and Ed's knives if you are in the market for a serious working knife.


Tom Carey
Thanks, Tom. I am waiting for a slightly downsized version of his small utility with handles aerated for a neck knife carry. Never tried that steel before. Nice to know it seems to perform.