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cpm420V & 3V update

Oct 16, 1998
The 420V has come in, BUT there is only 250lbs because of a rolling fubar so if you want
some get on the horn it is not going to last.
On the 3V, Its gone so if you haven’t ordered it’s to late.

ED Schott
Ed, have you done any work with the CPM steels and if so are their performance levels as high as the specs from CPM indicate?

Cliff in a word yes!
with 420V and 3V.
Not 300 or 400 times but they are beating every test blade I have.
And the 3V is the best carbon steel I have ever worked with.The test blades are 0-1/D2/1095/ for cabon and 440c/ats-34/440v for stainless.
Tom Carey has one of Ed's test blades and concurs with those same thoughts. A basic CPM-3V blade was passing some routine field tests with flying colors.

When asked his opinion so far, Tom said, "There's nothing it can't handle so far!"

Quite nice.
Hi Ed:

Who would you suggest to heat treat the 420V?


I hate when that happens.

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Ill be cutting out my sheet of 3-V from ed soon, cant wait to try this stuff, Now to get some of the 420-V.......
Since I am now back from a three day show I will share some info. Thus far the test knife has cut cardboard easier than anything I have used recently. It has cut more plastic banding than everything but a Cetan in Talonite. It did not cut some high carbon steel banding but nothing ever has passed that other than a good ole Convex Black Jack a friend has. Still not sure how the heck he does it. The knife was easy to sharpen according to two seperate individules. No signs of rusting or staining. To me it acts like a tool steel like say D2 at least in that respect. It holds an edge longer than the other tool steels and carbon steels that I have used to date. This is a small knife so I have to done any choping tests with it. Ed has a big camp knife ready for testing. I have seen the pic's and it is one tough looking knife. I can hardly wait to hear how it performs.


Tom Carey

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Thanks for the info Tom, I just got a couple big bars of the 3-V and it sounds like a winner. I think this stuff sounds like a great replacement or alternative for A-2 and D-2, two of my favorite steels.