Dec 12, 2006

I'd like to purchase an Emerson knife and i am considering one of the CQC-12 TiHD and the HD-7 COMBO. I understand that both are really rugged and strong but besides that, i am looking for an every day utility knife to be used in both land and water. I also care for the knife's weight, for which Emerson's site provides no data.

I welcome any comment, thought or suggestion.

Both are really great but totally different knives.I would also look and the 13 and the 10. I have the 10 and love it. It feels very good in the hand and is great for EDC. I don't find it as heavy as some others I have but not the lightest either. If you can swing it,buy a couple and see what you like.Send 1,2 or none back.I like having a couple to rotate,but for me a couple has become several.It will probably lead to skys the limit.Let us know what you decide to do.

i have the 12 and a few regular 7's. mpe is right, totally different. the 12 is quite a bit larger, but still carries well. i have handled the hd, very nice as well and concealment is easy.

but the difference in blade sizes is what sets them apart. i prefer the larger blades, but still like the 7's.

i would say try both, if you can afford it. if not, im sure you couldnt go wrong either way.
i like the '12 mostly because i like the grind better, its almost a std "V" grind.

IIRC the '12 TiHD is the all ti version & ya wont have much luck finding one i know i didnt, ended up with the G10/Ti version myself and really like the thing. i bet i looked for an all ti '12 for 6 months with no success (no i wouldnt pay $400 for 1 lol)