cqc 6 blade length

Jan 25, 2001
Does anyone know why Emerson made the blade of the CQC6 the length
that it is? Was it due to some legal restriction or what?:confused:

What's wrong with the CQC6's size? 3.25 is a very handy length.


From the Emerson Gallery
Dear John,
thanks for the nice diagram and specs. I wasn't complaining about
the size, but I am curious. How did Emerson arrive at the that
particular length? (I know he's not against larger folders as one
(sigh) of my custom wish list is the ESM(?) 1 which is a larger versio
of the Commander)
Sorry, don't know. But it's about the perfect size for an all round "tactical" folder. Small enough for utility, large enough for "business".

The ES1-M is a four inched, true chisel ground, custom cousin to the Commander. Here is another picture from the Gallery. PPP Commander on the top, ES1-M on the bottom.




I'm thinking the blade size on the CQC6 is a perfect size for this knife. Don't know how Ernie decided on it although it's probably some type of divine intervention!


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