CQC-T On-Line Order Problems

Discussion in 'American Tomahawk Company' started by Don G., Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Don G.

    Don G.

    Jan 8, 2006

    Since you're back-logged on e-mail and your phone lines are down, my bank is handling the disputed charge to my credit card on my behalf.

    I noticed your website still states you have CQC-T available in limited quanities and your ordering system is still charging credit cards immediately upon placing of an order for the CQC-T. Also, since Suzanne Settle (Sales and Service Desk) hasn't worked at ATC for months now you really need to remove her from your website. There isn't even an "out of office assistant" to let customers know their e-mails aren't being viewed.

    I'd recommend potential ATC customers only place orders directly with knife shops.

    Good luck,
    Don G.
  2. Andy Prisco

    Andy Prisco

    Nov 2, 1999

    Please check my reply in the other thread, as it is my impression you did not read it.

    We certainly will not dispute your chargeback request from your CC provider.
    However, your recommendation to our customers, on our forum, is inappropriate.

    Customers that have recently ordered CQC-Ts have already been contacted with the correct delivery information. We are holding countless orders that will not be charged until shipment.

    You are right in that our website needs to be updated. However, while Suzanne and Paul no longer work here, all e-mail addresses using the American Tomahawk domain are Company property. Those addresses, while still on our site, receive no e-mails to speak of anyway. Updates to ordering protocols are already underway and will be bundled to the updates we are making to our product menu.

    For those reading this, members of Bladeforums visiting this forum are now receiving private e-mails from an anonymous sender with a hotmail account. These e-mails are disparaging in nature and have already been forwarded to counsel for our ongoing legal assessment, as we already know the parties involved.

    If anyone receives e-mail from [email protected] please let me know offline.

    This thread is closed and I will not enable further burden to Bladeforums members or this office with negativity and defamation.

    Thank you.
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