CQC7 vs. Benchmade Pardue tanto

Sep 2, 2000
Hi there,

I'm kicking myself. I spent hours scouring the net to find what tanto folder was best for me, and landed on the CQC-7, but not an hour aafter I placed the order, I happened across the Benchmade Mel Pardue tanto. The thing I like about it is the axis lock... It seems to be an overall superior mechanism. What I like about the Emerson is the blade quality, the ergonomics, and the reputation it has.

So, before I cancel my CQC7 order, I'd like your opinions. What reputation does this other folder have?


For what it's worth, if the Pardue caught your eye, I'd recommend cancelling the CQC7. The Axis lock is the big differentiator, in my opinion, and I don't feel there's much of a comparison between Emerson's inconsistent liner locks and Benchmade's incredible job on the axis. Ergonomics are good (for me) on both knives, workmanship is good on both knives. If possible, I'd recommend just handling one of the Pardues just to make sure it fits your hand well.

BENCHMADE - Mel Pardue Model 722 has the blade ground on both sides instead of Emerson's single-sided chisel grind, which I could consider as a bit too simplified. Especially for this price...
Axis Lock beats Liner Lock in strength and reliability as well.
BM 722 is fully ambidextrous.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
I will have to third the 722. It has the axis lock and is not chisel ground. I believe it is a better choice than the CQC-7.

Dennis Bible
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Dennis Bible
One thing to be aware of, that might catch you by surprise, hvas, if you aren't forewarned: the 722 has the same modular axis lock that the 720 and 940 have. Meaning that there are partial liners. They go for about 2/3 to maybe 3/4 the length of the handle scales. Now, I personally don't think this is a liability by any means. But, it is something you should be aware of before ordering.