CQC7-- Whats up with the wobblyblade?

Sep 2, 2000

I cancelled my CQC-7 order, but the package arrived anyway, so I've gotten a change to mess arond with it and look at the knife. Its real comforble, the thumbdisk complint, IMHO, is groundless. I had no problem at all flicking that thing open, and the action was smooth. Not just smooth, but "smoooooooothe".

However, its got a wobbly blade! Undetectable when locked open, but when you close the thing, the liner lock presses the edge against the liner ont he opposite side, making a scissors noise and slowlyshaving off the Black-T coating.

Dude. I would have expected better, honestly. This guy is going back even if I decede the Emerson beats the Benchmade 722.

I have no idea what type of knife you have.

Ernie Emerson made a CQC-7, which is a custom folder, but I do not think the blades were ever coated. Going price for one of these is about $1200. Production of these was stopped a few months ago.

Benchmade made the 975 Series, which was based on the Ernie Emerson CQC-7; some of these were coated. BM stopped production of these a few years ago.

Ernie also makes a production knife named the CQC7-A. I believe that this knife comes coated. It is in current production.

Whichever knife you have, the condition you describe, providing the pivot screw is properly adjusted, is abnormal. You should return the knife to the manufacturer or dealer.

For future reference, if you have an Emerson knife, they have a forum on the makers and manufacturer's forum; posting there will often get you a prompt response directly from the manufacturer or his representative.

I bought a CQC7-A earlier today (the spear point version). Mine has no blade wobble, either in the open or closed position. I did examine some other Emersons before, and some had the closed-position blade jiggle. My impression is that the screws are made to be loosened or tightened by the owner, and using Loctite and tightening it would be no problem if it came to that.

Emerson Knives has a production version of both CQC7-A and CQC7-B...the B version is the old chisel tanto version, and both come in bead-blasted or black-ti coating. Mine is the bead-blasted blade.
Try tightening the pivot screw a little and if it doesn't get better and keeps touching the liners, return it. It should center properly.

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