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CR Umfaan,Worth the $ ?

Nov 16, 1998
I would like some input from Chris Reeve Sebenza owners.
I have the small Sebenza, and carry it daily, and love the heck out of it.So much, that I'm going to buy the large model, and the Umfaan.
I have no problem justifying the extra $$ for the large over the small model, but for $10 less than the small Sebenza costs, is it worth the money?
I now carry the GT small auto with ATS-34, and for a small knife for it's uses does an excellent job, and also I sometimes carry the Vero Beach small UDT.
I like carrying this small a knife in my pocket for cleaning finger nails, opening envelopes, and misc. other small tasks, so like to carry this size for that purpose, and not have to sharpen it all the time, so thought of getting the Umfaan.Plus it would finish out the trio of Sebenzas.
Any input plus or negative would greatly be appreciated.
Sorry for the long post, but want to explain the whole picture.
Thanks ahead of time for all replies.

Larry, the Umfaan would be perfect for the jobs you listed. It really stays sharp and slips into pocket alongside my wallet with ease. I am very happy that I completed the trio.

But I would recommend getting the Large Sebenza first, and then seeing if you want to go for the whole set. Of course once you have the large and small in hand, it might be even harder to resist.


I thought the Umfaan too small at first; now I think that it is just right for a pocket knife.

Small Sebenza is ideal travel knife, airport security friendly.

Large Sebenza is pouch carry proposition for me; uncomfortable in pocket.

The standard Umfaan is within $10 of the smaller Sebenza. There's more work than material cost involved in making the knife, and any savings on account of size are made up for by the decorative pattern cut into the Umfaan handle.

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No Larry, CRK are not worth the dough. Just to help out a feloow forumite, I will give you a box of Pakistani Crap steel for the CRK knives you have... Larry, get the trio, you'll never be sorry! Next, Decorated Damascus! Fish
The Umfaan is the most carried Reeves folder I own.
I have the trio too.
The first purchase was the small Sebenza.
I ordered the Umfaan within a month, and the large Sebenza within 90-days of it's arrival.
The Umfaan (or the Vero Beach M-UDT) are carried daily.They are basically the same size, although the Umfaan is thinner.
Like Walt, I find them to be the perfect size for the majority of chores I encounter.
The small Sebenza or the Tim Wegner Jr are always with me on the weekends when I can wear jeans.
The large Sebenza was purchased to round out the Zulu Trio.
I've only carried it a few times, and again like Walt, only in it's belt sheath.
I sent all three back to Chris Reeves to have my name engraved and the clip plug installed.
They did an exceptional job keeping the same font in proportion to the individual knife.
I would suggest the Umfaan over the large Sebenza only because the aforementioned personal experiences. I think you'll use the Umfaan (and small Sebenza) far more than the large one.
Later, Bill

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Thanks for all the replies.
I just had to justify it in my own mind,and the wife.
She has never denied me buying any knife, but I thought I might be pushing my luck here by buying 2, I say 2 Sebenzas at the same moment.I know I will be glad I did, as I have been very pleased with the small Sebenza.
Like everyone says, "once you get one, you WILL want more".
Now the scary part.My wife has her knives she carries, and likes, Commander, MT's, Benchmades, Spydercos,Customs, etc.My fear is she has never handled small Sebenza, and after I get the Large, and Umfaan, she might fall in love with one of them, and I have to buy another to replace the one she takes.She has done this to me in the past.
Oh darn, I guess I will have to buy more, huh?he he

"Hello, my name is Larry, and I am a knifeaholic"!!!!(And my wife is fast becoming one)
Yep it's small, the Umfaan that is, I finally got to handle one at the Blade Show this year and it's nice but very small, almost got it anyway but then I ran into my William Henry Spearpoint and that sucked what remaining cash I had so it didn't matter anymore at that point.

If I could find one for the $200 mark, I'd take it, but like Larry's initial question, I've not the dollars to match what they are bringing, at the Blade Show there was one table that had one for $225 and that was the one I almost took, so look around and you'll find a real deal, but I'll wait for the $200 mark and then I'll commit to getting one. No doubt it would be a handy knife to carry everyday!


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Bill you made me laugh for several minutes with your phrase "Zulu Trio"



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