CR Umfaan

Oct 26, 1998
I have purchased a large sebenza which I love and I am contemplating the umfaan. I have used the search option on this forum and haven't found ant reviews. Umfaan owners what is your review?
The Umfaan is an EXCELLENT knife. Its got a lot of blade for its size, and is a great utility tool. Mine is very sharp, fluid smooth, easy to open and quite pretty with the '98-99 zig-zag pattern decoration.
It has been used more than my small and large Sebenzas because its always there with me.
It fits in the pocket, is very strong, smoother operating than most any other folder, has a very sharp and usable blade, and is guaranteed forever. What else can be said but to get yours ?
Later, Bill
Guys, I have been strongly considering this one also as a "pocket" (inside) knife designed as a modern-day replacement for the old carbon steel trapper I always carried as a young man... I'm glad to hear that you like yours Bill.

Take Care,

The Umfaan is a true "pocket knife". It makes no pretense of being any more convenient than folders that have been carried in pockets for years. No clip=non-tactical.
Great blade,strength and small size=convenient. Mine gets used every day if it is with me. Because it dissapears into my trouser pocket, it usually IS with me.
I think you will really enjoy the Umfaan if you get one.