Craftsman Pliers Tool

Oct 3, 1998
Reading Clay's post about the LM Wave just reminded me of something. A couple of days ago I had to run by the Sears store in the local mall and decided to swing by the tool department to see what's new. upon nosing around in the pliers section I noticed a familiar tool. It was a version of the Schrade Tough Tool with what appeared to be slip joint jaws. Other than that, the fold out tools lock and there's even a built in 1/4 drive coupler to accept driver bits. The tools is blister packaged along with a Cordura belt sheath. Looks like a good tool and priced pretty good - $50.00.

Check it out on the Craftsman website,<a href=";execmacro/dispProdsSCS.d2w/report?prrfnbr=16506&prmenbr=6970">here</a>
Dexter Ewing
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