Crash Rats with different color micarta!


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Oct 10, 2002
I just received my (4) Crash Rats and two of them had a normal blonde/tan canvas micarta, but the other two had a more reddish/tan canvas micarta, kind of like the Desert Warfare Mean Streets had. I rub them all a little with my hand to try and show the color better, but I suppose if I added some mineral oil or such, it would bring out the contrast more. They all measured .277" - .282" which included the wrinkle paint. Here are a couple of comparison pictures.

I noticed that in a couple pics too. Its to dark in my room to judge the color on mine. Mine came pretty sharp.
they both look great! i would have a tough time deciding which i liked better. that is if i had any at all.
The color is a little washed out, took the pic in the dark outside

I'm gonna hit mine with about 3 coats of Tru-Oil and leave it. I want it a bit darker and more uniform, but not too slick. Needs to have more grip than my Game Warden.

Is it tomorrow yet?????