Crawford, Greco, Rekat/Simonich Pikuni and others

Jun 24, 2003
Need to move - finishing up a 2.5 year divorce and had a shared IRS debt from 2000 with the ex - well they just garnished a major portion of my next paycheck - they made a mistake - but they will not reverse the that

Crawford KFF - used but very good condition, missing middle screw on clip - comes with leather pancake holster $175.00 plus shipping

Greco 8" Probus - Prototype - $60.00 plus shipping

Greco 8" Probus - $55.00 plus shipping

Greco Tanto - 9", sheath excellent condition - $120.00 plus shipping - this one is very very painful to get rid of!!!!!

Martinni Pukko - 10" sheath - excellent edge - one side lite pitting - made during WWII - $80.00 plus shipping

Rekat Pikuni - 2.5" blade, cf sheath, very good condition D2 steel - $50.00 plus shipping

ALL MONEY needs to be United States Postal Money Order
Say, if this is a custom Crawford KFF please send me pics. Thanks!

You guys realize that his last post on this thread was 10-29-04. 2004!
actually I hadn't. Hmm... Would have been good to notice... oh well- you can't blame a guy for trying to get a deal!