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Crawford Kasper Neck Knife

Dec 8, 1999
I just order one for my self for Christmas.Has anyone had or carried one on their neck?I was wondering if I should have ordered their regular neck knife.Is this knife to large or heavy to carry around your neck?It all right to buy your own self a Christmas present? Ray

Razor, I did not wear one for a long time, just around his table at the Blade Show. It is not best nor is it the worst for wearing. For me, I can't use the ball chain at all. It digs into my skin and puts pressure on a nerve. My neck muscles cramp and I get a head ache. I have to use paracord for any neck knife I wear. Using paracord, I can wear some fairly heavy knives with out too much discomfort. You shouldn't have a problem. I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this level of sensitivity.

If you want to play it safe, get his titanium neck knife, the Kasper or his others. They are extremely light. They take an incredibly sharp razor edge and they hold it longer than I thought titanium would.

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On the weight issue, I carry a full size BM AFCK on a ball chain and find it makes a wonderful combination. The weight and size do not bother me at all. I think size and weight issues are a very personal issue that vary a great deal with the individual.

Please let us know what you think of the knife when it arrives! My experience with Crawford products is too little to have a well formed opinion.

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I like my Kasper neck knife. It is very thin and razor sharp. The weight of the knife does not bother me but I can also wear a fairly heavy knife without trouble.

Dirk - one thing I do on all of my neck knives is to run the ball chain through the outer cover of the paracord...all the comfort of paracord with the breaking strength close to that of the ball chain. Maybe this would help you.