Nov 1, 1998
Anyone have experience on this combo or know of a better system. Not really concerned as a survival staff but more from the cane\knife or short sword aspect. Any info, dealers,etc.


I am debating ordering one of these. I recently purchased a kasper folder from Pat Craeford and he has these in stock. I beleive he also has some in red and some in blue. You can check it out at WWW.CRAWFORDKNIVES.COM

Art Sigmon
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Hi Sarge,

If you are interested in sword canes, you may want to check out (by Burger knives)

They have sword canes made from various exotic handle materials(ivory, hardwoods, impala horn, bronze, sterling silver etc), carbon fiber shafts, and various knife steels (440c, Stainless damascus).

I am not sure about the quality, but have heard some good things from Larry at KnifeArt. I'm planning on maybe getting one in a couple of months. You can find some already in stock at

Just in case you are interested in short swords (not part of a staff or cane), Jerry Hossom is my favourite maker, and he fashions his swords out of CPM-3V! Be prepared to spend at least $1400 on a CPM-3V sword, but it should be worth every cent. (search in the forums for 'Hossom Espada' ,see AND

Just my 2 cents worth