Crazy nicknames for your Kershaw/ZT

Aug 25, 2012
Maybe its just me but I was wondering if anyone else has nicknames for any of their Kershaw/ZT knives? If you do lets hear them, how name came to pass, and what model its for. Examples i call my 0200 Penzer because its a tank of a knife and my brown skyline sexual chocolate due to its colors.
I called my Random Task a bunch of names when I cut myself closing it... does that count?
As soon as I held my 0551 I knew it needed a name, and that name is....Tank.....seems fitting.
Is there a reason u call it Phil???

That joke and my dad always joked about one of his old knives (Bowie) being named Mike, every time I get a big fixed blade I name it something like that, phill, Jim, bill, ect. :D