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credit card knives

Oct 19, 1998
Those of you who own credit card knives and travel to San Francisco may have a chance to develop some specialized tactical skills.

Recently a do-good group has suggested that the legions of homeless that populate the city where I work be given ATM devices. The idea is that, instead of giving change, citizens would instead run their ATM cards through the device. 80% of the donation would go to some do-good group, and 20% to the homeless ATM device holder. I kid you not. Someone has actually suggested that you punch in the PIN to your bank account in the presence of a desperate, on-the-skids panhandler.

This scenario presents a multitude of tactical possibilities that I'm sure those of you who have credit card knives will want to consider. Perhaps Bay Area forumites can take the lead here in developing the appropriate tactical techniques.
Gee no one who ordered from my first batch of credit card knives is from SanFrancisco ,doh,what a chance for field testing.
I predict as soon as the fascists discover the credit card knife is a weapon that can be used to protect yourself from criminal attack they'll classify it the same as a wallet gun. This rant was going to be longer but I don't have the time right now -- I'm late for an appointment to preach to the converted....

-Cougar Allen :{)
Once city officials arm the homeless with ATM devices, it would only be fair that they then arm the citizenry with credit card knives. Marcus, you could make out big time. And rather than lead to a ban on such knives, such an initiative might instead raise the consciousness of the knife-challenged everywhere.