Creekster and Toxic EDC..

Feb 23, 2010
Here's a couple of knives I have finished they both feel great in hand and come razor sharp, I won't be able to ship knives until Monday.. Thanks for looking I appreciate it..
Please post "I'll Take It" as this will be posted in other forums so first by time stamp gets it..Knives will ship USPS with Delivery Confirmation and within the lower 48, Canada/other please add $5, overseas add $10.. All my knives come with a "FREE GIFT" nothing special but useful nonetheless.

Specs/ Price $OLD
Steel: 1/8" 1095 57-58RC, Scandi Grind, antique finish, etched, renaissance coated
Size: OAL:8 3/4", Tip to Handle 4 1/4"
Handle/Pins: Stabilized Curly Koa over orange G10 and Natural Canvas Micarta, stainless tube
Weight: 5.41oz
Sheath: Tooled Leather Sheath by Balding Eagle

just feels right in the hand, my photography hinders the knifes beauty. Handle is hand rubbed down to 2000 grit.Grind is finished at 220 grit has plenty of bite, I recommend no more the 220 grit on a stone or equivalent when resharpening this grind, that's really all that's needed unless you like polished scandi edges :D








This little edc started as my Trekker design but I tweaked it here and there and its more of a spearpoint now, great little edc, shiv..

Specs/ Price $OLD
Steel: 1/8" 01 59-60RC, Full Convex Grind, Renaissance coated
Size: OAL:7 1/4", Tip to Handle 3 1/4"
Handle/Pins: Forest Burlap over Toxic G10 with brass hardware..
Weight: 3.95oz
Sheath: Kydex sheath, tek-lok compatible.

ETA: Didn't realize the sun made the grind lines appear so extreme, I assure you the knife is satin finish with 400 grit and leather strop, maybe this pic was before stropping?? I'm not sure, anyhow no worries here believe me..




**My knives come with a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the knife within the first 3 days you receive it, please return it unused in original packaging and I will refund 100% of your money.. We all have bought something on the net we thought would be a great product to only get it in hand and realize we don't like it, this resolves that.. I make knives to the best of my ability and describe them as so, I want you to be perfectly happy with my knives, every detail has been addressed and I promise you will be satisfied or your money back, I also guarantee the knife/materials for life while used for its intended purpose**
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Feb 23, 2010
I am diggin that edc!!
I do to!!! had the parts together in my hand and my wife come out there and I asked her what do thing would look good on these scales, I gave her a multiple's to look through, she in turn all mater of fact and all said these brass ones right here complement the other colors, she picked the liner also....

funny thing tonight I bring the finished knife in to the house and was showing my 3 kids mommy's knife, when it came to my 10yo daughter she didn't want any part of it and was made at me, I was suppose to may her a knife for bday that past but I was way to busy and needed extra parts.. She refused to let me tell her it wasn't mommy knife and she just picked it out... I'm gonna have to set my daughters knife on the side somewhere where can take as stab on it every now and again.. then another tutorial of knife safety..
Feb 23, 2010
Shortknock27 I have tried to PM you a couple times regarding the creekster, you came within one minute of another forum. If you like to pass let me know...