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    ^ I believe ;) (That's twice in 2 days :confused:)

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    not really scary just makes you think what if where I walk my dog(big male German sheapherd aka kaos) is where the local mines were now a nature reserve a few people died in the mines and after thay we're closed in 1991 and a few have died on the nature reserve it's a nice walk for me and the dog and not far from my house it a fairly big area lots of big wide paths and small animal trails foxes rabbits think the the odd badger there the types that me and the dog bush wack round having fun the other dog walkers say it's haunted I'm not really a believer so it never has bothered me but
    one late afternoon about 7 pm on a friday maybe later we got there we start our walk as normal and we start go in into the woodland areas no one else really follows the animal trails just a few with big dogs like me
    I notices some one had been cutting down the odd trees for no reason l could see lots odd marks on other trees bit of litter I was more wondering why someone would bother so we carry on to mine and his spot deep in the forist area there are foundations of some old building and old red bricks so me and the dog stop i get his water out and i have a drink and a cig as were stood looking round having a miniut the dog starts looking very interested in something I find another tree missing but boot prints too
    as we carry on I notice he's trying to track something so I put him on his lead and followed him he took me about 10 mins in pursuit of this smell as we got to another fairly disused area I spot a badly hidden tent cloths drying st a distance it's is illegal to camp so I go to turn back as I'm heading the dog gets a bit stressed and keeps turning to look back I stop and hold the dog to one side and the owner of the tent I guess was following with a big stick clearly very agitated and defensive (he was wearing batter jeans boots from the foot prints and old parker type jacket) so I shout hellow from a distance he's stud trying to hide in the trees and overgrowth no reply I shout agen I hellow i can see you and do you want to get past the dogs a bit of a loonytoon then the dogs head turns and there is properly his mate comming from the other side(typical shell suit druggie looking type ,) with somthing in his hand so I say to myself ok just keep walking the dog is getting close to going full loonytoon at this point 20 mins later we were nearly half way back to the van and there still comming but closing in on us and walking together I have had enough at this point and turn around and face them with the dog and shout if your trying to rob or attact me don't bother because I will be taking you two to the hospital with me too and it finaley happend the dog went crazy pulling at them growling showing his big teeth my heart was beating like crazy and thay just turned around and walked away never said two words I think thay we're high or drunk and thought it was a good idea at the time just because the dog is well trained and dose not react buy barking and just stand next to me doesnt mean he is friendly or soft
    I still go there and still see one or both on occasion but thay give me and the dog a very wide birth since and one moves the camp round to different areas now and then others have try to be kind and offers them food and cloths but there not very friendly it's normally humans that the problem not ghosts lol but some have been a good reads on here
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    Occurred in my neighborhood. We had just moved into our new home about 20 years ago when a crime show came on the TV talking about the "HOG TRAIL MURDERS" and then described the nearby murder scenes. The guy was also a student at a Technical College I used to teach at and was in the first graduating class of LPN's. People described him as creepy. "Enjoy" the read.

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    While serving in the Army's 9th ID at Ft. Lewis back in 1988, we rotated down to Ft. Irwin California to fight some war games at the NTC.
    This was back during the cold war when the OPFOR were still the Soviets.
    One night around 0200 I was sitting in the TOC tent on radio watch (I was my unit's communications specialist) just trying to stay awake and filling out the comms log, and making hourly radio checks.
    All was quiet with very little chatter on the radios except the hourly radio checks.

    I was listening to the radios and was cleaning my rifle when suddenly a transmission came across.
    It was very loud and extremely crystal clear, as if it were being transmitted from very close by.
    All that the transmission said was "DADDY?", and then a long pause, and once again "DADDY!", and then nothing more.
    What made it even weirder was that it sounded like a young girl, maybe around 7 or 8 years old.

    About a full 2 minutes went by before the battalion RTO transmitted "This is tango 39, unidentified station repeat last transmission, over".
    But there was only silence.
    It was super weird and gave me that "The Hills Have Eyes" kind of vibe.

    Maybe it was some child out in the desert trying to contact her father on the radio at 0200, or maybe it was a phantom radio signal from the great beyond or outer space, or maybe it was just the OPFOR conducting a little psyops on us.
    I'll never know.
    But it was strange and just a little creepy.
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    Not out doors, but hope it fits- its Halloween after all..

    I used to work in a military hospital, it was a old one built in 1968, had a key to the PT gym it was kind of a clubhouse for me- would go in there after work and exercise, goof off drink coffee, read book etc it was super. A good hide out.

    One weekend my wife wanted to go shopping- I wanted to go to the gym, so of course we go shopping- by the time we got back it was about 2200- “aw hell I have been a lazy bastard this week its late but I will go to the gym”- dropped wife off at home headed to the gym, had my work out clothes wooden sword etc quiet dead as hell in the hospital ahhh great I soak that up Ba Gwa circle walk nice springy, slotted, wooden floor- lost track of time.

    Like all military hospitals that place had a bad rep. for haunts, I knew all the house keeper girls and knew they did not like to be in there at night and that there were some areas in that place- that they would never go alone.

    Well hell I looked at the clock about 5 min to midnight got cold and hazy in there in there I started thinking “Its midnight- your in a hospital and there is a dead guy in the closet.”

    We had a real skeleton from long ago since the place was built in a special metal cab.. in a closet. That was weird too. Pieces missing knee caps etc etc, but that’s another story

    I don’t like this gather up my stuff mu jian in my bag lock up and head out creepy its creepy- midnight.

    As I walk out towards the elevators- they start to vibrate, bang together- I have to walk towards them and take a right to get out. Closer I get the louder they get- “That’s weird I should call the building custodian” then there is a tapping on the inside of elevator closer to me. Louder- “oh hell no, I am outta here!”

    Went out to my car someone had put cones across the driveway. WTH? kicked them out- took off.

    That Monday, I told the girls. “Damn, now I know why you don’t want to be in here at night- I did not see any thing but this is what happened to me- lemme tell ya, gave me the creeps”

    “Oh you don’t know?”

    “Know what?”

    “Two ghost kids- play on the elevators at night, lucky you did not see them”
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    Feb 18, 1999
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have written this story before but it doesn't seem to be in this thread anymore.

    Several years ago at, when I was living in GA I used to go hiking at this WMA all the time. One day I pulled up to the parking lot as usual to set out for the day and the second I got out of the car I got hit with the unmistakable smell of a rotting carcass. It was summer, hunting season wasn't open but this MWA is used by hunters all year round (hogs) and I figured there were probably some entrails just out into the thick brush. Looking around the gravel lot there was nothing to note, an old dirty 80's American sedan off in the corner, and what looked like two teens fishing where the creek went under the road.

    I go out for the usual day 5,6 hours and come back down the trail to the parking lot where I noticed the overwhelmed scent of death was gone. Thinking that was strange I looked around and noticed the lone other car was gone as well as the "teens" by the creek - and thats when it hit me. I noticed on the way in - but didn't think anything of it at the time..the entire interior of that car had air fresheners hanging from it, like in the movie se7en.

    That smell, was coming from that car, driven by I assume the two people down by the creek - I don't know if I want answers.
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    Jun 7, 2002
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    Great read @hank_rearden :thumbsup: Most impressive to me is the relatively "substandard" gear of the ill-fated 1959 group compared to today's options. None of that defeated them (nor the Shackleton Expedition) as these folks were so well experienced & mentally prepared. Mother nature can be overwhelming though, as was the case here. Thanks for the post.

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    What a. bunch of nonsense, geez people! However, scientists tell us it is impossible for bumble bees to fly, but that does not stop me rom watching bumble bees fly. Ya, I've got a ton of personal experience that fits here. What the heck, may as well stop and chat. So I was in the Alaska wilderness in the early 70's, wanted to be a mountain man. Survival life. I am way out there on the Yukon River. Dropped off by a bush pilot, no arrangements to get picked up. I walk out a year later. Yup, saw a lot of stuff. Stuff civilization knows nothing about. Gonna keep it that way. However my second year, my supplies are stolen and I end up on a forced march in winter, 50 below zero, no food. 5 days. Not going to make it. I'm crawling on my hands and knees in the snow and still have 30 miles to go. I recall leaving my body, turning around and seeing myself as I go to get help. A jet pilot tells me later he woke up and told his wife he has to fly today, his normal day off. He takes over for the regular guy. The jet flies over the Yukon and a passenger looking down on the river sees me and my distress triangle I made in the snow. This pilot used to be a bush pilot and is the only pilot who would turn a 707 jet around to go look. Off schedule, no clearance, headed for Prudhoe bay with pipeline workers. He sees me, calls in for a rescue and a big helicopter comes out and rescues me. I would have been dead a few hours later. It was written up in international news and I wrote it up for Alaska magazine. Ya, my trustee hunting knife was one of my survival tools and this is after all a knife forum! Not a scary story forum. I had few $ to buy a good knife! I can not afford to have a knife fail me! So I decided to make my own! That's how I got started, 40 years ago. Leaving my body, what a bunch of crap. I got some related video
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    ^^ Enjoyed the story. Just one thing to note from someone that has worked at an Engineering College for many years and has heard this claim so often.

    Scientists have never proven bumble bees can't fly.

    Certainly not all I took from your post, just one of my peeves. ;)
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    I can comment...was not especially picking on scientists. It's simply a common misconception to make a point. I might add, tell me about gravity, show me a piece of it. Or lazer, or any number of natural phenomena we take for granted. To me, it is all 'magic,' I accept it, believe it, for no other reason than it is there. Or maybe, we may tell each other, but that is not why it is true. Society used to prove the earth is flat. It is difficult to prove there is a God, yet in my view, what a sad world without God. If you prove this, disprove that, have evidence, in the end, what do we have that is absolute, unchangeable? Very few of our heroes are as we see them in the movies, (another point) We may as well believe in OZ, Robin Hood, Santa. Bill Cosby for example was kind of full of crap. Who do we believe, what do we believe? What is a fact? But why go into all that... the point of the 'story,' was my experience, and the reference to bumble bees was sort of summing up this added comment with one simple thought I hoped would be understood. But in truth no, my mind does not work like most people's. I read and understood Einstein when I was 8 years old for example. Without being especially intelligent, just 'weird.' Which has a lot to do with why I wanted to live alone in the wilds in the first place, and did for 25 years, not seeing another human for 8 months at a time. In my own view, I had to unlearn most of what I had been taught in school. I learned for example it is possible for the temperature to be minus 50 below zero, and water is not frozen. It is possible to listen to my boat engine and tell you the rpm to the nearest 50 in 10,000, without looking at the gauge. How is that possible? The world is not just 'not flat' but not round either. If you started running, a lifetime later, you would in fact not end up where you began. So I assume stories will revolve around such pieces of information. What will we call reality? Or truth? What will we refer to as 'odd.'? We may not all agree. We come here, we tell our stories.
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    I'm a mountain biker and I have switched to ridding the trails closest to my house exclusively at night hence the name (Night Rider) And one evening I was coming off a game trail that leads to a river's edge and onto an aqueduct trail that runs almost straight west to east for four and a half miles and when I rode up the game trail onto the aqueduct there was an old man standing with his hands on his hips looking east down the trail. That startled me for a second because I have never seen a person that far down the trail at night and he did not look like the hiking type the way he was dressed. He had dark pants on that were pulled up just below his nipples and a light colored shirt tucked into them with no jacket. When I rode past him slowly about 20 feet away I glanced over to say hello and when I did I noticed that he didn't respond at all like I was not even there but what raised the hair on the back of my neck was the way he appeared. He looked lighter than the surroundings almost like a bad Photoshop image, It was fairly dark out but he seemed lighter than he should have. after his lack of response and seeing that he almost looked (Don't laugh) Translucent I switched gears and cranked away fast until I got about 200 yards away to the start of a large uphill. As I was riding up hill I looked back to see if he was chasing me LOL and I saw that he was not in sight on the aqueduct, Few I continued riding uphill till my conscience got the best of me. I started thinking that this elderly man might have wondered out of his home and forgot were he lived plus it was cold out and he was not dressed for the weather temps that night. Also there is a nursing home about 7 miles down the road and it would not be the first time someone escaped and wandered off so I turned around to look for him and ask him if he was ok or needed assistance. I quickly rode back to the junction of the game trail were I had seen him and he was not in sight and I could see a great distance down the aqueduct so I headed down the game trail to the rivers edge to make sure he didn't fall in the water and when I got to the end of the short game trail he was not in sight. Now I was feeling less creeped out and more guilty thinking to myself that That he could be in distress and that I could have helped him I got back on the Aqueduct trail and road full speed about four miles in the opposite direction trying to catch up to him until I realized that there was no way he could have covered that much distance on foot in that short amount of time so I turned around and rode back to the junction to see if I could see his footprints in the damp sandy area he was standing to see what direction he might have headed off to and when I got to the spot to look all I saw deer, coyote, and tire tracks but NO shoe prints besides mine. needles to say I was completely freaked out and I took off riding and set a new personal best record for riding that uphill section to get to my house. When I got home The creepy feeling had past and guilt set in again so I gave the nursing home a call to ask if they had any patience missing and they said no but took my phone number and info just incase so I called the local PD and told them of the old lost looking man I saw leaving out the creepy details of course and they said they had no calls yet but took my number in case any thing came up, no one ever called back. It still creeps me out thinking about the way he looked/appeared that night, almost translucent but the kicker was No footprints in the sandy mud. I am a Man of Science and a (Prove it to me) type of guy but I did grow up in a haunted house for eighteen years and I have witnessed paranormal events in that house with family and friends and I got the same hair raising feeling the second I laid eyes on that old man in the woods. I saved the best for last! the very next spring the state erected a sign with the story of the building of the aqueduct and had a picture of the crew who built that section standing in front of the pipeline before they backfilled it and standing in front and center of the crew was one man dressed differently, not like the workers but obviously the job forman and who do you think he looked exactly like? Yup! He looked and dressed exactly like the old man I saw. The way I figure it if it was a ghost I saw then it was him and he was just admiring the job that he had spent so much time on and was probably very proud of. I don't believe in (Spooky Ghosts) or demons but I do believe in physics, energy will always be energy and can only change form and that paranormal events are simply the energy of person or an event replaying itself like the events that happened in my boyhood home but those are stories for another time. If ya all don't think i'm crazy and want to hear a couple just let me know and I would be glad to share.
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    Jan 10, 2018
    Thanks for sharing, I’d definitely like to read more.
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    Oct 24, 2000
    Same here. Thanks for sharing story, it definitely makes one wonder.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed that. if you’d take the time to tell the stories of the home that you lived in for 18 years I’d be happy to read them.
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    Apr 16, 2018
    Thanks for the nice response and I will be more than happy to share a couple of stories from my childhood home, I think you all will get a kick out of them. I want to do a nice job for you all and I don't have time tonight because it's a rare 40 degree Febrewary night here in the outskirts of Boston so i'm hitting the trails in a bit but tomorrow I will make myself a nice glass of whisky, dig back in my memories, and peck at the old keyboard. Until then, Stay Sharp and have a good night.
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    Sounds great, enjoy the weather.
    It hit 51 here today, north of Detroit, and the sun felt great!
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    Got time for another ghost story? Like I had mentioned before The house I grew up in had some paranormal activity it with strange sounds and (feelings) and it all seemed to stem from the second floor bedroom of the Cape style house. When I was young about 5 or 6 I would here the hardwood stairs creaking as if someone was walking up them. My older sister with a straight face would tell me that it was the ghost that lived in here bedroom but when I told Dad he explained to me that it was an old house and that was the sounds of settling and the wood expanding and contracting due to temperature. This went on for years but it seemed to get louder and more frequent when my sister was in her teenage years. My sister got married and moved out leaving the room vacant so I would have friends sleepover and use the room and they would all tell me how they couldn't sleep and felt like someone was watching them. One friend was pissed at me one morning and asked me why I was walking around the bed last night trying to scare him, he was 18 at the time. One day I was sitting in the bedrooms dormer style window doing some reading and getting some sun on a cold winter day and I started hearing a fly buzzing around me so I look around the window for the fly but all I could see was the carcasses of a couple flys, it was January or February in New England not exactly fly season. As I went back to reading the noise got a little louder to the point that it didn't sound like a fly but a small voice speeded up and at that point I thought I actually heard words being spoken so I picked up my crap and got the hell out of that room and never used it again. That same week I had come home from school to an empty quiet house and the footsteps started again but this time it was very clear that someone was walking across my living room floor. I was in the basement so I grabbed a hockey stick and went up the stairs to take care of a potential robber but when I got to the living room it was empty but the stairs started creaking one by one like someone was going up them. By now I had an idea what was going on because when I peaked at the stairs they were empty but they still were creaking like someone was on them so I yelled at the stairs and told the ghost to get the F out and that it wasn't welcome here then I slowly started up the stairs Hockey stick at the ready and when I got to the landing the bathroom door started to swing open. That startled the crap out of me so I took a swing and put the Hockey stick threw the door and I ran back downstairs to regroup and check my shorts. That evening when dad came home from work the very first thing he notice was the hole in the door so he yelled my name in his ( Im gonna beat your ass voice) but when I explained to him what had happened he instantly went from mad to understanding and said that we will fix it together tomorrow but he never acknowledged anything about the ghost. I believe he was well aware of the ghost for years but being a ruff tuff proud Marine he was protecting us kids the only way he new how and that was to pass the events off as normal house noises but this time he couldn't and I was too old now anyway so he simply didn't speak of it and the next day we fixed the door and said nothing about it except (Don't tell your mother what happened.) A few months later my mom dad and I was watching TV (Sonny and cher) in the living room when my dog a large Alpha male Husky started whining down the hall and we figured he was having a doggie dream but it kept up then he appeared from the hall whimpering and staring up at the ceiling and following something slowly. My dad looked at me and with a smirk said (what's got into him) as the dog walked past us whimpering until he stopped at a small 2 foot by 2 foot coat closet at the base of the stairs then he stood stair at the door growling and looking over at us then back to the door. We all looked at one another until dad stood up and walked to the closet door to show the dog that it was empty but as he reached for the door knob a Loud bang come from inside the closet like a bowling ball had been dropped on the floor sending my dad backwards and the dog running back down the hall. Needless to say we all jumped up and when I got to the closet we opened it up to find Nothing inside except two raincoats, no bowling balls. It was at that point my father for the first time acknowledged the situation and said with a nervous smile (It must be the ghost again) and he calmly sat back down to watch TV. The footsteps continued on and off for years but we never spoke about it seeing that we were quite use to it but when the grandkids were old enough to sleep over my father asked me not to say anything about the ghost to the kids but they figured it out on their own eventually. Thinking about it now to me it seemed like a poltergeist because it seemed to correlate and become stronger or louder when there was teenagers in the house especially when my sister was living at home but the footsteps taking the same path over and over year after year makes me think that it was a Residual haunting. Like I said before I'm a man of science and a show me type of guy but I cant deny what I have experienced for many years while I lived in that house and when I got older and felt comfortable talking about it to other people some of them would share stories of their own. I was telling the dog and the closet story on a jobsite once and got the funny looks but later that day a guy came up to me and said I have a story for you and he explained how he was sitting down to dinner at his aunt's house when all of a sudden the cabinet doors flew open and disheshes started (flying out) not falling but flying across the kitchen and that he was a believer. I never went as far as to research the house but all i knew was that previous owner was an old man that use to repair small airplanes in the backyard but recently talking to a neighbor from the old hood I found out that the house across the street from us was thought to be haunted. From my early childhood I remember happy families moving into that house and making new friends with some of their kids but but they never stayed for too long and the house would be up for sale again so I guess I didn't have it too bad. My dad passed away some years ago and my mom lived alone for a couple of years until one of my sons rented the upstairs bedroom, the Haunted one and I was not too happy about it but he has not reported anything strange so I guess things have quieted down on 13 Beaver St, yes 13 and guess what number house I moved into in the next town over, Yup 13. Like I said I'm man of science and I'm definitely not superstitious but I know what I have experienced. I have spent the last 20 years doing a lot of work in a 175 year old textile mill and we seem to have a ghost that shows itself in the boiler room quite frequently with many witnesses so if you want to hear a couple of short haunted mill storys let me know. Have a good night and remember to keep an open mind.
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    Those are the kind of things that are hard to forget. My childhood home also had the “Stairs” that clearly had something walking on them when no one else was there, it was witnessed by many people over the years. I told one of the stories earlier in the thread.

    There’s no way I’m passing up on a haunted mill story if you’re willing to write it down :)
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