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Nov 22, 2006
Does the Cricket open easily with one hand? I'm looking for a knife legal for edc in Switzerland (under 2 inch blade) that can easily be flicked open.

The Cricket is a great little knife. But let me give you an inside scoop. I personally never liked the knife until I got my hands on a Carbon Fiber handled model.

The Carbon Fiber Cricket is truly a very special little knife and is truly the best of all of the Cricket models. I carry an SE Carbon Fiber Cricket on quite a few occasions by using it as a money clip. But that CF Cricket has a very nice little blade.
You can open the cricket one handed. "Flicking" it open would likely prove difficult. The fat carbon fiber cricket is inferior in technological design, but gives the comfort of more handle to hang onto for those that need it. The newer designed/improved stainless steel cricket is much thinner which means easier to carry but not necessarily easier to hold onto. The lock is superior in the new one as well.
If you removed the ball detent the cricket should be easy to flick open with one hand.
Thanks folks! Is there any Spyderco models w/ an under 2inch blade that are easier to flip?
The new SS Crick I handled was way too stiff for an quick flip opening.
Besides, the blade is a bit to short and much too light to get gravity to work it right. Or perhaps, I am just too much of a klutz to "party on" with slick swinging moves as this.
Oh, I'm not trying to do moves or tricks. I just want something I can open quickly and is legal for edc.

In Switzerland you will find some very special 'knife-laws'; IMO Spyderco folders as EDC are on the safe side with blade lenghts < 5 cm and lenght overall < 12 cm.

An alternative would be the Spin, or Jester, or Ladybug (limited use due to small opening hole) :)

The Lava has a blade lenght with 48 mm but the overall lenght is 135 mm.
The Cricket, and for that matter all small Spydercos, opens very easily one handed using the sypderhole. Models with a front lock and stainless steel handles, can be opened reliably by the "spydie drop" method (grasp the blade between thumb and forefinger through the hole, and snap the wrist to open the handle). None of them will open reliably by holding the handle and flicking, the blades are too light, and too short to develop sufficient momentum. Truth is though, regardless of the size of the knife, in almost any situation opening with the thumb is equally fast, more reliable, and less likely to attract negative attention than a drop or flick opening.
The Cricket is one of the most useful folding knives I have ever EDCd. And yes! it opens very easy & I have BIG grabbers for hands. Everyone I lend that knife to wants to know how they can get one.... Get One ASAP then another & another... You know what mean.
Can anyone tell me where I can find one that doesn't have SS handles?
Can anyone tell me where I can find one that doesn't have SS handles?

If you don't mind paying for nice stone work, New Graham sometimes stocks Santa Fe Stoneworks Crickets. You can buy them directly from Sant Fe Stoneworks but they cost more.

New Graham - currently out of stock but check with Mike anyway.


Santa Fe Stoneworks


Couldn't paste a direct link to the knife but click on store then Spyderco then Cricket.
Thanks, bud. I'm looking for this one:


New Graham no longer carries it, and everywhere else I've looked says the same.
The supply of the FRN ones does seem to have pretty well dried up. Even Country Knives, who normally have things long after other dealers have sold out because they charge full MSRP, do not have them. Neither do either of the two Japanese dealers who often have models no longer available here. Aside from lucking into one at a brick-and-mortar, your best bets would be to keep an eye on eBay, and on the Knife Exchange - For Sale by Individuals - Production Knives area of this forum, they do show up occasionally in both places.
The FRN version isn't bad, but the S/S one is way better. It is so much thinner and stronger. And after some practice, they open pretty quickly using the hole.

Good luck finding an FRN version.
What is the blade length of the Dodo. I am pretty sure that it is under 2". It has a ful sized grip that makes it more useful for heavy cutting or self defense. It is like a larger Cricket with the reverse S blade.