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Criteria for the perfect Lock and Why

Jan 6, 1999
We are fortunate enough to live during an exciting time for hard use Folders. There are a large number of premium Locks available from several makers.

My question: If there were a perfect World where trade offs were not necessary what would be the criteria for a perfect Folder Lock and why is each criteria important?

Please focus on criteria instead on Locks already available.

My List:
Reliability; A Lock is a safety device and if it doesn't work reliably it is better not to have it.

Strength; This could be considered an aspect of reliability. The lock should be strong enough that the users grip fails before the lock does.

Resistance to dirt; Another aspect of reliability. Knives aren't always carried and used in pristine environments so it is important that the lock isn't prevented from functioning by dirt.

Ambidextrous; Not all knife users are right handed and even if they were the right hand might be disabled when a knife is needed.

One hand operation; Sometimes a life might depend on the ability to open a knife with one hand and safety in that situation demands that the knife can be closed in the same manner.

Closed Retention; The knife should only open when the user consciously opens it for safety's sake.

Ok, that's my list of criteria and I know a couple lock designs that fill it to varying degrees.

What is your list?

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