Critique of some knives I owned

Dec 28, 2005

Camillus CUDA EDC- I have small hands, and the handle was too small for me.
Carried very well in the pocket. Not the most comfortable handle.

Benchmade Mini PIKA- Again, too small of a handle, and again, was looking for a blade in the 3" range. No complaints with it, was a nice little knife.

Spyderco Endura (full serr., black blade)- Nice size, took up a lot of space in the pocket, had to switch to back pocket carry. This was a very good knife I highly reccomend. You guys probably know all of this anyway, I'm a novice, just posting these for other novices considering them for purchase. Next edc, I'll use a belt pouch.

Kershaw Rainbow Leek- faster and snappier than either of my autos. Really flat, generous handle, sleek design gives you room in your front pocket. This ones a winner.

CRKT PECK- not so much a knife as a little trinket, it's good to have on you but not meant for any serious cutting. Still, it beats teeth or thumbnails for opening things.

Fixed blade-

Cold Steel Kobun- It carried very well, flat as a pancake, used it for edc a few times.

Cold Steel Recon Tanto- Lost it's edge pretty quickly. Was a really heavy duty workhorse.

Cold Steel Safekeeper II-This is my favorite knife I've owned, I loved this baby. Carry all day and forget about it. Feels great in the hand. I plan to buy one to replace it.
I guess these are all the name brand knives I've owned, that I can think of.
Currently I only have 2 junk autos, a junk butterfly, and the Leek (plus a 4.5-5" big Western American made folding hunter with green scales and brass bolsters, which is MIA, I've been searching for, my mom bought it for me the first time I went hunting; and also a Husky folding boxcutter).

I would like to begin collecting knives again. My next purchases will be a Cold Steel XL Voyager clip blade non-serr.(for EDC), a SOG Pentagon (have wanted one for years), and the safekeeper II.(then some daggers, bowies and tactical folders) Any reviews on those 3 for me?