CRK Carson M16

Oct 3, 1998

Just in from Columbia River K&T are the Carson folders. These are a great series at incredible prices- typical of CRK- and very very good level of production quality.
The overall feel:
lightweight, easy to open and close. Very good ergonomics. The lockup is solid - none of the samples failed when slammed on the back of the blade. They are also not sticky. The design hasthe thumb studs giving the positive stop for the blade when open like the microtech design. Releasing the liner is very easy. The liner does not protrude from the insidfe of the handle, but the handle curves enough that accessing the liner is very easy.
The pivot has a screw for adjustments. The largest model has the Carson signature opening flap.
Handles are aluminum and blades AUS8 stainless.
I can't see any "misses" with this series- at least not yet. The metal thumb studs are crosshatched and that's a little rough looking (not feeling). The blade come shaving sharp with even grind lines. These are great!
See our page for these at:

with specs

nice looking knife I've been waiting to purchase one. As of now the Web sites I've checked have them on "backorder".
Thanks for the pic Howard. These look like real winners - tough work knives at very good prices. Can't wait to get one!

Dexter Ewing
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They are mostly in stock at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet, although we shipped a bumch today. I like these knives a lot. The large one weighs in at 0.30 lbs and, for comparison, a Benchmade Pinacle weighs 0.28 lbs and is smaller. The aluminum handles feel a lot like the titanium alloy that benchmade uses. Torx screws hold the knife together. The clips seem a little on the skinny and short side, but seem to work well. For a $50 knife- these leave everything else in the dust. If these were $70 and $80 they would be a value
What's the tang (mid knife near pivot)on lower picture? I like em.
That's the Carson opener flap which works well. Just flip it with your index finger as you swing the knife open and it flies open. It works!
I don't suppose there's any chance of seeing the spearpoint in either the large or small size, is there? I'm a "hole man" myself, but I know some folks who'd really like that middle design... if it were bigger or smaller than it is. Can't stand "American tantos."


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
What do the liner locks look like?
Are they thick and beefy or skinny?
I don't remember the specs. Just thought I would add that the last word I got is the flipper will be incorperated on all sizes.



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The liner is thinner than an AFCK but they seem to hold well. None failed when slammed on the back of the extended locked blade.
I don't know their future plans, but I would expect a lot of variations oin the theme. Since Columbia river has a history of several times shipping an initial production run and then having to abandon the project totally- I'm just hoping that they can keep up with supply on the six SKUs they have
If CRK&T slips up and drops this line of knives, I think there will be a lot of unhappy people. For the price point, this is a really great knife. Once I got used to the flipper, I really liked it. My advice is to buy one NOW! These are really worth the money.


p.s. I almost can't beleive I said that, this from a guy who has Mission MPF's and Sebenza's in stock no less!
Dang it... I am going to have to order one of these...

I want a Light Saber.