CRK Mountaineer I

Aug 25, 1999
Received it the other day from Murray at ProEdge (fantastic to do business with-Murray is a great guy!!!). Great quality (I know you know this, but it's my first Reeve knife!). The one piece design is, in a word, impressive. A tad smaller in the grip than I expected, but by no means too small. All in all, a darn beauty. Keep up the good work, Chris, and keep up the fantastic service Murray!
I ordered my Mountaineer 1 from Murr also and was pleased just as much with both the knife and service! One heck of a knife...takes such a excellent edge!
Thanks for throwing a dog a bone, Larry! This post had been ignored for so long you probably had to brush the dust off just to read it! Still lovin my Mountaineer,

"I'm tired of going over this. They're INVESTMENTS!"