CRK ordering question


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Aug 9, 2015
Hi all,

New to CRK, just picked up a Wilson inkosi recently and really enjoying it. Am now considering a mnandi and that lunar 21...

Question 1. In your experience what is the best way to pre order a CRK like the lunar? Buying through the CRK site directly, or one of the online retailers that offer preorders? Any idea how long the wait for the lunar might be at this point?

Questions 2. For mnandis.. Just poking around online, I really like some of the current box elder models, and really dislike some of them (same model, just the wood patterns). In the context of knives with variations in the look of the wood, how do you guys typically order them? Order unseen from whatever retailer has stock, and send back until you get one you like, or use one of the few retailers that shows the specific knife you are ordering?
CGG's, it's easiest just to wait until you see a dealer get them in stock.

BE Mnandi, stick with dealers who show you the actual knife, and choose the one you like. There are several dealers that take excellent pics, and BE is readily available.
For wood inlays best to ask for a picture from the dealer. Like you say, some post each individual knife, if you see one you like buy it there.

Ordering, I tend to order direct or go to blade show. I'm willing to wait. If you want it faster it can be hit or miss whether the dealers get them listed before shop orders show up at people's doors.
Thanks, one more question...

How do I know when I should worry about a model / configuration disappearing?

Now for example, if I look around at dealers, most of them only have a few mnandis in a given configuration in stock, or none at all and I’m not super wowed by most of the examples I see in stock still (which is why they are still in stock :)). At what point do I need to worry about the configuration not coming back in stock? I am assuming that of the current models you see on the CRK site, they will be producing them throughout the year and dropping them in small batches to the various dealers, right?
If you are looking for a specific configuration you can contact CRK directly
You will be put on a waiting list but you will get what you want