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Aug 28, 2003
I have a used CRK with birthday card (December 15, 1999) for sale here....actually here is what I am after...

I would like to trade/sell this. I would like to trade my used P1 for another smaller one piece CRK plus cash. Depending on the model, would depend on the cash. I am looking to get rid of something I don't use for something I will so I am not looking for a lot of cash here, just fair.

I am putting a value of $300 on this....but I don't want to be left without a one piece so here are the 4 inch'ish bladed one piece r's I am interested in.
I will sell this out right(see below) now for $220 shipped

Mountaineer I or II

Shadow III

Ubejane... especially the Ubejane!

Used are fine as I just checked the CRK website and a refurb job on these is $27.50 and I have heard it is like getting a brand new knife back.

Here are some pics, the sheath I have been told is the old version. Very nice but you can see in the pics has some white scuffs on the edges. Some marks on the blade but the edge is still quite sharp. After I got it, I have only used this once on a backyard expedition with my son

Thanks for looking and PM with any Q's....or email, ckeknives at



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I have a line on a Ubejane now so I will sell this out right.

Price is $300 Shipped.....time is limited on the Ubejane so I will entertain reasonable offers...NO LOWBALLS.

Up....with a price drop.

$280 Shipped

Thanks for looking