CRK Sebenza or Ralph EDC Delimma

Jul 6, 1999
I've lurked on BladeForums since forever and never made a post. Sometimes getting a kick out of everyone trying to decide "which one?".

Well guess what... I've been sucked into the perverbial vortex of "which one?"I know, should have never thought delimma's of others were funny. :)

Anyway, wife caught me figuring out how much it was going to cost for both the CRK large Sebie and Darrel's Medium EDC. Fella's you know how it is in the heat of begging forgiveness and you make those stupid promises? Yea, I did.

So which one... and give me your reasons why so I can ease the pain of this brain cramp I'm in. Thanks.

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I like the small Apogee. It's a bit bigger than the small Sebenza. I like the recurve blade. It is a slim knife that fits well in the pocket. Darrel makes a fine knife. Go for the EDC. I personally don't like the shape of the EDC. At first the Apogee looked funny to me but now I really like it. Lock up is great and it's a slim easy to carry knife. Plus, the Sebenza scuffs easily. I have several Sebenzas and they are fine knives and a fine company. Either way you can't go wrong. I think that maybe I edge to the DDR knife because of it's custom status. To me the large Sebenza is too big for the pocket. Love my small Apogee!
As the owner of both a large Sebenza and an EDC with the Dominator blade, here is my $.02.

Precision and smoothness - Sebenza

Comfort and ergonomics - EDC

Design and visual appeal - EDC

Customer service - draw (both are kick-ass!)

Blade steel - EDC (420V)

Tank-like build quality - Sebenza

Price - Sebenza

Cutting perfomance - EDC

All things considered, a majority of my pocket time is filled by the EDC. One is not sufficiently better than the other for me to even think about parting with one. Convince the wife you truly need both

*note - There is an awesome EDC w/mastadon ivory overlays on the For Sale Forum. Price is REAL good.
Pretty tough decision !

Sebenza ~ EDC

Have a couple of Sebenza's.... Very plain and rugged knife. Love them !

I also have a carbon fiber EDC with a fighter style blade....... Ordered it with the heavy duty liners and is accented with heat treated liners, screws, thumbstuds and clip...... Absolutely awesome knife !

Yep.....real tough decision.

- <font color=blue>Large plain Sebenza......$345</font>

- <font color=purple>$50 more....and I got a EDC</font>

- <font color=orange>Me standing on the curb with my EDC in my hand and a sh!t eatin' grin on my face....priceless ! </font>

<font size="4" color="#FF0000">Personally, I say ~ go with the EDC ! </font>

Go with the one that allows you to talk to the maker and have the knife built precisely to your liking. Gotta be the EDC.
EDC! You can go the integral lock route, like the Sebie or do one with scales! Darrel can go from plain jane boring to dressing the knife up as fine as frog fur! I currently have 8 different DDR knives and I carry my EDC every day.

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I think blademan summed it up pretty well.
My EDC is the liner lock version with CF scales. Most comfortable folder I've ever held, and the most aggressive cutter.
I really appreciate everyone for responding so far and right now it looks like I'll be going the path of DDR's EDC but...

One thing I realized last night is that I've never seen the large or 3.56" blade EDC lying next to a CRK large Sebenza.

So if any of you that have already responded to this thread and/or anyone that is fixing to could provide a comparison pic or a link to one it would be greatly appreciated.

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I'll toss in my vote for the EDC also. Lots of choices that you can get, some options will make it tougher some will make it more stylish. I chose the Stylish route and got the beautiful Anodized coloring on the Ti Frame and the Dominator style blade with Carbon Fibre overlays. The fact that you will be dealing only with Darrell when/if you Order is another plus in my book.

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This is a no-brainer: EDC for sure. If I had to do it all over again, I'd have skipped my 'benza phase and go straight for the EDC.

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I owned a DDR EDC, yet my Sebenza went on my belt sheath everyday. The Sebenza is a heck of a knife for the price and is a better engineered and built knife than many custom knives I've seen and owned. I'll have to disagree with the majority and say SEBENZA.


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I'd go with the EDC in a frame lock version over the Seb. But before I bought one, I'd suggest checking out the Mayo TNT or VNT just to make sure you've covered all your bases.
I have not carried the EDC. I do love those sebenzas though. I think you will be happy either way.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
Both very nice, seems a personal judgement call. Like Brian says, you can't go wrong with a dilemma like this!

The Seby is a great knife, but lets look at the check sheet:

EDC has a more anatomical more comfortable handle.

EDC comes with Darrel's very durable anodized finish. Looks pretty to start with and is less prone to marking than the blasted surface of the Seby.

EDC comes with Crucible S90V steel.

Cutting edge efficiency roughly similar.

Seby does seem to be more precisely made, but you can't cut anything with that.

I like the Seby pocket clip better.

All adds up in favor of the EDC in my view.
Again, I thank all those who have responded so far to this thread, concerning the CRK Sebenza and Darrel Ralph EDC, it's given me some opinions which in turn help me to look at all the pros and cons.

Several of you have indicated that you own or have owned both at one time or another... could you tell me:

- How does the intergral-locks of the Sebie and EDC compare?

- How do they compare in disassemble for cleaning, etc.?

- How do they compare in size and weight?

I'm leaning hard to the EDC because of the blade steel and shape but the Sebie looks less prone to the rigors of daily usage.

** Please keep in mind that my opinion is entirely based on visuals since I have not handled either folder physically... even though I'd like to! **

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Blade Fu:
[B- How do they compare in disassemble for cleaning, etc.?

Simple - the Sebenza is easy to disassemble and maintain. The EDC, like most custom knives, is bolted down to the makers’ specifications and not intended for extensive maintenance by the owner.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Please keep in mind that my opinion is entirely based on visuals since I have not handled either folder physically... even though I'd like to! </font>

Pictures do neither knife justice.

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James is (as usual) dead-on. The Sebs are mindlessly simple to take apart, clean, lube, and reassemble. And with the exception of scuffs on the handle and clip, they clean up great. The BG42 holds an edge very well, and is a dream to sharpen.
I don't envy you having to choose between them. Both will hold their value, have exceptional resale potential, carry and use well, have great warranties, are visually and functionally appealing, and are built by craftsmen who give a damn about what they're doing.
I'm not helping, am I.
Sounds like lotsa folks look at their Sebenzas, slap their heads and say, "Gee, I coulda had a V-8, er, uh a Darrell!" (If you know the commercial, hello fellow old guy. If not, never mind.)

When I think about it, it makes me Ralph!