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CRK&T doing Kasper/Polkowski Companion?

Feb 8, 2000
I just heard that Columbia River Knife and Tool may be making a production version of the Al Polkowski/Bob Kasper fixed blade knife! Is this for real?

From Bob's site:


Designed by Bob Kasper and handmade by Master Knifemaker Al Polkowski, the Companion is a pure defensive knife with utilitarian features. This very popular Polkowski model is now being produced by Columbia River Knife and Tool. The knife features a 3-1/2 inch single edge blade, belt sheath, IWB sheath, neck/steering column chain, and paracord. This first class, hair shaving sharp, multi-position carry, defensive knife will retail for $49.95. Expected delivery date is mid-January 2001. Place your order now at Tactical Plus or call 732-451-0100.


$49.95! This looks like a great knife for a very low price. When you think what it will be available for, it boggles the mind.

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Can't wait to get my hands on one (or more) of these. It would be nice to carry a Polkowski/Kasper design and not have to worry too much about losing/damaging/etc. a $300 custom knife. Differences (from the original custom) so far seem to be:

(1) Different handle material - looks like maybe zytel or something rather than the G10

(2) Different blade steel - chances are CRK&T will make it in AUS6 or something other than the ATS-34

(3) Shorter blade length - my custom Companion has about a 4 inch blade I think, not 3 1/2.

Time will tell. Still looks easily worth the money. Anyone have any more details yet?
News is out I guess.

Can you say dull the blade and blunt/ round the tip: home made trainers?!?!

This has got to be the most exciting project for the coming year.
I was going to buy one, but now may buy another to convert to a trainer
Check Six...

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No doubt about it. I was calling for a production Kasper fixed blade ever since CRK&T came out with the Crawford/Kasper folder. But wait until January!? That's just downright heartless!
I just traded my Companion and am having a bit of separation anxiety. This piece will definitely help.

My birthday is at the end of January. I may have to treat myself.

I hope that the handle is textured a bit more than on the CRKT KFF.
Yeah..if they do change handle material from G10 to something else, I hope they add some checks or grain to it for a more positive grip. That was one of my main gripes with the CRK&T Kasper folder: despite the great handle design, the zytel is too damn smooth by itself. Don't know why Bob would let them get away with that...
WOW! Is the handle material zytel or g10? Will there be a serrated version too? I want a plain edge but know someone who wants a serrated.

I have a KFF and it is solid. Is the new blade as heavy as the KFF folder?

Is it AUS 6 or AUS 8?

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...sigh... A nice looking knife, but...

Please tell me the steel is not going to be AUS6M or Z60CDV14.

At this price it may not be possible.

I dont know for sure, but I have a strong feeling the steel will be AUS6 (just like the CRK&T KFF) for that money. Of course, I would much prefer ATS-34 or CPM 440V but that's just not going to happen on a knife that cheap. Still, the AUS6 does take a wicked sharp edge easily. For defensive purposes, that may be the most important quality.
I can give some additional details.

Steel: AUS6M, .14 thick
Weight: 6.5 oz
Edge: Plain or Combo serrated
Handle: Textured, non-slip "POM" with torx screw attachment
Sheaths: 2 injection molded Zytel sheaths. One an inside the waistband with removable clip, The other an all purpose sheath with numerous multi-carry options.
Other: A length of Black paracord and a black ball chain.

A great knife and an incredible value.

Al P.

Hey thanks for the inside information Al! It's great to know my favorite maker checks in on the forums. Keep those great knife designs coming. Hopefully this production version will be out SOON!
I checked out Tactical Plus the other day and I couldn't find anything about this new knife (?) I think it's still too early yet. ou can be sure -everyone- (business, that is) will offer them once they become available. I hope there won't be a ridiculous limited supply for the first run like the whole Spyderco/Gunting thing...