Jan 2, 2001
I recieved our M-16-12Z this past Saturday. Right out of the box it passed my shaving news paper test, all though I prefer it sharper. I don't shave the hair on my arm any more, I have enough hair thank you very much. It dosen't have the edge a Benckmade, or Kershaw has right out of the box. The blade is tight closed or opened. The quality is overall outstanding especially for the price. This knife fills so good in my small to medium size hands, if you have big hands I recommend the large version. I have already mastered the outstanding Carson flipper, this is a great feature. This is the best made Tanto I've used yet, and will be my every day carry for home. I do admit though this knife would be great for my job, with the 118th Security Force Squadron. For work I've always prefered a lockback. By the way Delta Force has a close out on these now, for $21.95. Thanks Kit! RKBA!
If you like that one, just wait til you see the new M16 LE and MIL models.

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