CRK&T Point Guard...Initial Impressions

Jul 9, 1999
I got the lg. pl. edge model and the first thing that gets your attention aside from the sexy hi-tech/tactical look of this knife is the size of the pocket clip. It's fairly large for a knife of this size. For example, on my Benchmade 710 Axis, the clip's overall length is 2 5/8" long and the handle of the knife itself is almost 5". On the Point Guard the clip is 3 3/8" long while the overall handle length is a shade less than 4 3/4" long. The good thing about it is the fact that it rides low in the pocket. The bad thing is you've got what looks like a yard of clip hanging onto your pants pocket.
The handle is fairly comfortable to hold and the finger choil has enough traction to help keep those pinkies off that extremely sharp blade. My only problem is that the clip pinches on my palm when the handle is gripped tightly.
The blade is exactly 3.5" from the handle to the tip of the blade and it is ground pretty thin at the edge. It came wickedly sharp OOB, just as most of my CRK&T knives do. The drop point blade comes to a point dead center of the blade and approximately half way down the length of the blade it begins it's taper till it gets to the tip, where it is almost acutely thin. The grind is pretty high, starting 1/4" from the top of the 15/16" wide blade.
I've conducted blade edge retention tests with the lg. KFF model which has the same steel as the Point Guard and I was quite impressed with what I got, so I'll hold off testing this one for a day or two.
The balance of the knife is toward the rear of the finger choil and the knife feels balanced in the hand.
The thumb disc opener provides a comfortable little shelf for the thumb to rest on while doing heavy pressure type cuts.
The back spacer on the knife is metal and comes a little over 1/2 of the way up the back and gives the knife some heft. To me, a good thing.
The knife readily passes a spine whack test even without the L.A.W.K.S. mechanism engaged. Another VERY good thing. Engaging the L.A.W.K.S. device only insures this knife is NOT gonna close on your precious pinkies in times when the knife is being used hard.


I don't like the extra long clip and the clip's shape pinches the palm of my hand when I grip it tightly. This will be fixed lickety split by bending the end of the clip down a bit with Mr. Vise Grips.
Aside from those relatively minor bitches, this is yet another sure fire "Best Buy Award Winner" from CRK&T, IMO.
You are getting more than your money's worth with this knife and that's no lie, my friends! With all of the positive features of this knife, I can't see how these guys are making any money on these.
Another excellent job CRK&T!

Keep'em comin'!!

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Thanks for the review.
The Point Guard is one of the CRKT knives I've been waiting for the most. I got the small KFF, large Urban Shark, and the Sampson's KISS spearpoint, but the large Point Guard still hasn't come into the store I go to yet.

In your experience, how does the bead-blasted blade of the Point Guard resist corrosion, or will you be coating it with a rust inhibitor?
Out of habit, I immediately take the Marine Tough Cloth to my knives, especially the bead blasted ones. In the past, I haven't had too much problem with rust on the BB finishes, just a light touch of rust occassionally here and there, but I got into the habit of using the Tough Cloth and now I do it almost without a second thought. Sorry I can't help there.

I think your gonna really like the Point Guard. I took the clip off mine right after I wrote the post and straightened the end of the clip and now it doesn't pinch very much. It's still too long though, IMO. Oh well...

As I read your post it occured to me that I meant to pick up a lg. Urban Shark while I was out at Ruff's and completely forgot about it after I got hold of the Point Guard. DRAT!
I hate it when that happens!
BTW, How do you like the Urban Shark?

The individualist without strategy who takes opponents lightly will inevitably become the captive of others.
Sun Tzu

Excellent initial review of the Point Guard- cogent, honest, well written
. I just looked at a pic at, and it looks like a nice traditional tactical folder. Just right for someone who wants the benefits of CRKT quality and price, blade sharpness, and the LAWKS safety, but doesn't want something as large and tactical as the KFF.

Thanks! I may see if I can get ahold of one of these to test.



Tuvo muy mala callo en mi cuchillo.

Misque, thanks for review

For me it is the most appealing design among new CRKT tactical knives. I'm waiting for mine, then I'll share my impressions.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
I like the large Urban Shark. I had written a thread on it before. As you probably know, the "large" version is still a fairly small knife, but fits/fills the hand very well. The opening is one of the easiest and smoothest of my knives, the thumb stud is easy to access, the knife sits very low in the pocket. The locking liner is a bit thicker than on comparably-sized liner locks. The ball detent is quite small, but the blade on mine doesn't jar open any easier than on liner locks with more pronounced ball dedents.

I would have preferred the thumb studs to have been designed more like those on the KFF, as the ones on the Urban Shark (which are the same as the ones on the Mirage series), due to the design, can wear a bit at the pockets. Other than that, I really like it a lot, and it's an awesome value.

Looking forward to getting a Point Guard!
I have the small partially serated version (i thought i ordered the plain, but typed the number wrong when ordering). Not disappointed one bit. Very sharp, strong lock up. It also flicks extremely well. Mu pocket clip has lossened up, and with the torx screws, I'm going to have to buy a new tool to fix the new tool. The blade has developed some play, but thats probably my fault (did i mention it throws really well for a small folder?). Anyway, for the price, you get a solid, well made knife. My first, and definatly not last, CRKT.
JamesY: I wore my lg. KFF in the hip pocket for a couple of days and left it out on the dresser. When I came back to it, it was spotted along the left side of the blade and the left liner. Sheath protectant removed most of it, and Flitz took care of the rest. It just needs periodic attention, just like guns.