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CRKT A.G. Russell Sting

Oct 26, 2001
Does anyone out there have one of these yet, and if so have you had the chance to test it? I'm looking into getting one, and would love to hear any feedback folks have.


Same here. Am interested in owning one, the price is hard to beat it seems.
i have one but havent been able to use it for much yet.

Heres what i can tell you so far without any real tests...

Sheath: I'm not sure if its Kydex or what but its a plactic sheath that i actually dont hate. The body of the sheath is made of a black plastic material, and covered in nylon. It has two vertical straps and a horizontal on the back. And comes with an adjustable velcro strap for a belt. Also a couple more straps so you can attatch it to your leg or forearm. The knife rattles a little in the sheath but is actually held pretty securely

Blade: "Dagger" shape. Forged 1050 steel. Factory edge, not quite able to shave any hair off my arm.

Handle: Same as blade, one piece construction.

Balance: About an inch behind the guard (well where the guard would be if this knife had one) Pretty handle heavy knife.

Well thats all i got until i can get out to the woods and do a little testing...
The only thing I can add is the handle seems kinda short for my hands :( It came really sharp, is comfortable in most grips (other than the shortness mentioned) and the sheath is good.
I got one of these a month back, haven't had a chance to play with it that much, but have to agree with folks that the handle seems a bit short. Since it's once piece solid construction, the handle is smooth metal, I'm a bit concerned about trying to do any fine work with it. I can't seem to get a decent grip with it and I'm worried it'll slip outta my hand. Thought about wrapping the handle with 550 cord to improve the grip, but then it wouldn't fit in the sheath. I think it'll work fine for a back up/boot knife if that's what you're looking for, but I wouldn't plan to use it in the woods, lots more comfortable small knives out there in my opinion.
So if you need a small dagger its great for the price, but as a "work knife" or wood knife I wouldn't recommend it. I'll admit to thinking it's cool all the same, and for the price you can't complain. :)
Thanks for the info so far folks. Corwise, I'm pretty much thinking like you, I think it looks like a neat little fixed blade, with a good price. Wouldn't plan on beating on it much, and not going to carry concealed, at least not where I live now. But it does look like a kind of fun little tool box knife.

I got rid of mine two weeks after buying in dont like the handle the sheath or really anything about the knife for that matter.
It makes a great little throwing knife. Super tough, lots of weight for its size and great penetration with the heavy handle and thin blade. It's hard to throw consistently at more than 2 rotations, but it's small. They're fun, not practical for regular use.