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CRKT Apache 2 or Mirage?

Jan 3, 1999
Any advice or opinions? I would also like to know how thick each knife is. Not the blade thickness but the handle. On a side note I'm also looking to buy a Photon Micro light. Any ideas on where I can get both with one order?
Thanks for your input.
I had the large Mirage and the Large Apache.....The larger Apache is JUNK, but I am not sure as to how well that translates to the smaller model. The Mirage has been a surprising knife. Bang for the buck, it is a great knife if you do not plan on using it too hard. The blade is a bit too thin and delicate for hard use, and it is a linerlock, which isn't my top choice for a knife (but a fairly well designed one at least). I would go with the Mirage if you need a good looking, inexpensive semi-formal knife. My suggestion if you want a utility type knife is to spend an extra 10-15 bucks and get a Spyderco Goddard lightweight if you want a reliable, durable, and strong daily carry knife.

If memory serves, the Large Apache was a little thicker in the handle than the Mirage. Also, the Mirage made real efficient use of its blade length, the length of the edge in the Mirage was the same as the length as the edge on the Large Apache.



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I can recommend the Mirage. Both the small and large are very nice knives for the money. I'm not sure about handle thickness, but the large Mirage feels good in my hand. The small is too small for my hand, but is just as nice as the large.

It usually does come down to cost. Yekim is probably right about spending a little more to get more knife.
Ditto to the comments made.

I got rid of the Apache. Kept the Mirage and upgraded to an aluminum Mirage which has Aus8 rather then six, though truthfully I can't discern the difference. Good utility knife, cheap, eminently usable for that. The edge is easy to sharpen with several passes on the honer.

I'd have to agree, Go with the Mirage! I got the larger aluminum one for 41.25 Ive spent twice that for some that couldnt come close as far as quality goes, for that price I'll use the heck out of it and wont care
Looks like we all agree on the Mirage. Mine even passed all of Joe's liner lock tests!
Great little knife for the money.
I guess I will be the lone voice for the Apachie II, the small one. I have owned both and I like the small apachie a lot. It has a very smooth action. For me its ergonomics are great, much better than either size Mirage, which I think is an excellent value. The only negatives for the Apachie II is that the aluminum handles are somewhat slippery. The blade flares out near the handle in a shape kind of like a MT socom's handle which will helps keep you from cutting your self if the blade slips but also gives you less edge to cut with :>(.
I have both the small Mirage and the Apache II ... While I have heard MANY complaints about the Large Apache, I love my small one. I'm about to order a small Sebenza and I imagine the Apache will go into the cigar box whenit arrives ;>) ... but it "boxed" 2 Spydercos, 2 Benchmades, a CS voyager and an AirSOG ... along with the small Mirage. My vote: APACHE II without reservation!