Crkt Big Sky Hunter/skinner...

Jan 29, 2006
I originally posted this in the fixed blade forum, but perhaps it will get more press here...
I'm a newbie here, but I want to firstly thank everyone for their willingness to share their knowledge and advice. I have recently become very interested in knives, and I am trying to build a collection, but beginning with knives for strictly utilitarian purposes first. My father was kind enough to buy a Spyderco Native for me while we perused a knife store searching for his birthday present. So, I have a decent, edc pocketknife. Now I'm searching for an inexpensive fixed blade to be an all purpose knife--skinning, chopping, prying, etc. I also don't want anything very large, preferably 8-10 inches overall, and something cheap in the event that I lose or damage the knife. I have looked at the Kershaw Echo, Benchmade Gamer, and the CRKT Big Sky series of hunters. currently sells the "Big Sky" for 15.00 with sheath. To me it sounds like a good deal that I am fairly set upon. Does anyone have any experience with these knives? Can anyone offer advice?

I appreciate the help. Thanks.


Dec 7, 2005
Kershaw Echo is full tang & Aus 8, CRKT is AUS6 with a short tang..
I have & like both, but the ECHO is way stronger & a tad smaller.
If ya got big paws & want a very light knife the Partner is fine.