CRKT Blade Steels

Jan 8, 2001
In fear of sounding ignorant, has anyone had any experience with either ACUTO 440 or AUS118? How would they compare to the standard ATS-34?
Jul 1, 1999
Sergiusz Mitin did compared ATS-34, vg-10, ATS-55, D-2, CPM T 440V and 440 Acuto last year.
Of course blade geometry wasn't the same but all were production knives. Acuto did well but was the last with ATS-55. ATS-34 performed better than these two. As far as I'm concerned I think that Sergiuszs comparision is at least trendsetting - acuto holds edge well enough to be considfered premium cutlery steel.
It would be nice to know grain size compared to ats-34. If anyone knows tell us - We crave your knowledge

440 Acuto (according to CRKT-wed info) is the same as AUS118. Or it is as close to ACUTO as 154CM is to ATS-34 (same composition but different manufacturer)

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