CRKT Commander Series

Mar 12, 1999
Have you seen these? I just received the large, 3.63", combo edge version. I tell you, CRKT is a real sleeper. I wanted an inexpensive knife that I wouldn't worry about scratching up, could use hard, and wouldn't spend a lot of time maintaing rather than using my high end folders. Well I got the apparent workhorse I was looking for that's good-looking as well and at a price that's unbeatable.
It's a liner lock with a 5" nickel chrome-plated zinc alloy skeleton frame. This hefty sucker fills the hand for great control of its substantial high carbon, bead blasted (get out the Tuff Cloth) AUS6M blade. The large size comes in three versions from plain to fully serrated. It also comes in two other smaller sizes. The teflon bearings make for a super easy one-handed open. The down side is that it appears to be a "righties-only" knife.
Ever since I bought my first Carson-design M16 I've been tickled with CRKT products. Keep the $$$ knives for the grand kids; this is a real blue collar working knife.

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Oh yeah, my friend bought 2 of those a few months ago and they really surprised me. His had a satin finish though. Great fit and finish.

I've had just one question though. How durable are the zinc handles? How do they compare to Al?


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I’m not a total knife nut so forgive any faux pas I make in this reply. I’ve been carrying the smaller Red Dog (3" plain edge) from the commander series for the past year and a half. I don’t have any high-end knives I am trying to protect; I just wanted a smart looking, reliable knife. It now sports a few scratches both on the handle and the blade and the finish is starting to wear off the clip but I still love it. It seems to hold an edge well and is easily brought back to life with a few minutes attention from my lansky sharpener. People were talking recently on this board about single liner knives; this is one where a second liner would be superfluous as the cast scales / spacer give all the rigidity one needs.

My only moan about this knife is the adjustable tension system for the action; it works loose over time which always seems to come to a head when I don’t have a hex key to hand. Does anyone have a cure or suggestion for this?

All in all it is a classy looking knife which belies its paltry price tag. I agree that CRKT seems to be an undervalued brand. I just bought another cheap, CRKT locking liner, the larger Mirage with zytel scales and the combination blade. The quality of this knife seems even better and it is lefty friendly if this interests you. - Martin
I had one of these and thought it was a good knife, but the zinc handle was just too heavy. Also, flipping open the blade caused the stop pin to misform the hole it set into in the handle. Apparently the zinc is a little soft. Stop pin is very hard though.
I was able to shim the hole easily enough, but couldn't live with the weight.
My father picked up the Patton(?) model a few weeks ago. I was very impressed. For the money this is a decent little knife. Good lockup, nice quality and a hair-popping factory edge. It's his daily carry now.

PLUS, it prompted him to go ahead and get another CRKT sleeper, the Carson M-16 spear point!

I had one large and one medium and returned both to the dealer the next day because of the dangerous lock (imo) - gripping the knife hard with the hammer grip disengaged the locks on both knives. This is just not good enough for me.
I currently only have 3 CRKT knives...large and small Mirages and a KISS. But CRKT is a great new company and I hope they will continue for a long, long time!
I've played with some of the M-16 models and the action is awesome...I just wish those blades were not bead-blasted.
I have nine CRKT knives so far, but not yet a Commander.If they run to form,it will be a real bargain in its price range.IMHO CRKT has raised the bar for moderately priced knives,especially in the M16 and Mirage lines.

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