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CRKT Commander Series

Apr 27, 2000
I've just gotten the CRKT Ace, it's the 2.5" blade with nickel chrome plated zinc alloy frame. very good precision. I wonder any of you have other models of this series to comment on.
I've got the smaller of the original two in the "commander" series, with zinc handles. I like the style, fit, feel in my hand, and even, to some extent, the handle heavieness of it. At the same time when compared to the smaller of the two BM Leopards (which the commanders look a lot like) the Commander feels too heavy for its size.

The problem I had with it originally was that the pivot screw loosened a little too quickly and I had to keep adjusting it. A little lo-strength loc-tite solved that problem. Also, the clip doesn't clamp as stongly as I'd like. The knife will get loose if you wear very thin pants. On thicker material its fine.

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