CRKT Crawford/Kasper Professional

Feb 29, 2000
There is a lot of misinformation on the CRKT Professional model stated in the post by shootist116. I am sure that it isn't intentional. The problem is that once everyone hears it they tend to believe it. I previewed the Professional and all the 2001 mid year models last week in a meeting with my sales rep and Rod Bremer. I have the spec sheet in my hand as I write. So I will try to clear up a few things.
First: the Professional has a blade made of AUS 8, not AUS 6.
Second: the handles are bead blasted and not very slippery.
Third: the handles are machined from billet not die cast.
I hope this clears up some of the misinformation being spread on the forum.
Thanks for the clarification. It's unfortunate that CRKT hasn't added this model to its Web site so folks could get first hand information.

BTW, for those who didn't see it, here is the thread that THEAVENGER is referencing. I'll cross reference that one here as well.
That is great news. I got my information from the Knifecenter. They had that it was AUS-6. I am happy that they went with at least a little better steel. Thanks for the clarification.
I too had read Knife Centers' info on the small models of the knives, before Dennis began that thread. I too posted there, expressing similar disappointment.

I agree that CRKT has blown it big time by not putting the knife on their own website. Last I looked, there was no mention of the F4 either. I think that knife has the potential to be a real big seller. WOuld think they would want to put the info every place that they are gonna put out another Kit Carson design. Again, I've read somewhere that that knife "too" will have AUS6 for blade steel.

Fairly recently, someone who hinted or stated that he'd been in touch with CRKT and that they were taking very seriously the dislike by forumites of AUS6. Am encouraged that they went with the AUS8 on the new Kasper.
The problem here is where you are looking for your information. When you look to one medium, the internet, you limit your resources. The Internet is a wonderful place but not the only place. The Internet is simply a pipe. Information is fed into it at one end and comes out the other end with a few stops along the way for good measure. You should be looking for your information at the source, the manufacturer.
The Internet is great place to find the latest information. Once you place information on the Internet, it disseminates at light speed. The problem here is that misinformation also disseminates at light speed. There is no mechanism for the verification a story’s accuracy on line.
That is the problem we are having here concerning the CRKT Professional. The initial story was plagued with misinformation. Once the facts were presented, people still persisted in believing what they heard initially. Don’t rely on one source of information only. Check out the various other sources of information available to you. You will be surprised at what you can find.
Guys - don't accept 1SKS as the bible on this - I just copied and pasted the specs from the 6772 - 6782 models and changed what was appropriate. If the blade steel has changed, then it's changed, I didn't notice. I just checked the weight, changed the scales, etc.

Like the other poster said, lack of info from CRKT made this a guess in some parts.

So, when I get in on Mon, I'll check it out and update accordingly.
Ok so it is 8a and not 6m, hardly a big improvement is it? From a poor steel to just about... acceptable is hardly a great thing. Now if it had been in the 10a or ATS-34 league I might get a little more exited...

Increase the price a little and use a better steel. Spyderco did this a few years ago when they upgraded from 8a to ATS-55. Why are CRK&T still thinking in such outmoded terms? To clarify my position I understand the use of low end steels for ease of sharpening and low price, so use 8a for the standard stuff NOT a so called Pro model!
Originally posted by The General
Ok so it is 8a and not 6m, hardly a big improvement is it? From a poor steel to just about... acceptable is hardly a great thing. Now if it had been in the 10a or ATS-34 league I might get a little more exited...

I'd love it if they used 8A in all their models too, but I don't think 8A is meerly acceptable. I consider 8A a great working steel. I think it's probably a better choice for the average consumer (keep in mind that forumites are a little more equipped for sharpening than the average consumer) for whom sharpenability is more important than edge holding.
THEAVENGER, try using an economy of words next time. Long winded post are a waste of time. I did post 2 sources, not one for the specs on the Pro. CRKT did not post specs on this folder on their website. I emailed CRKT but no reply yet.
You already knew the knife was AUS 8 4 days ago. Why are you acting so surprised now?