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CRKT Forum?

Oct 10, 1998
Who would like to see a CRKT forum? I know I would. I think they have had more hits of late than just about any other knife company. I would like to know who we can contact at CRKT about getting a forum here. Anyone know?


Tom Carey
This has been suggested more than once, with warm, enthusiastic receptions. CRKT is a fan-favorite around here.

I suspect any reluctance on their part might be due to their willingness or ability to dedicate a resource (that's a person, in management-speak) to Moderate at this time. The person would need to be entrusted with representing the company daily, in writing, before a huge, powerful base of customers. No small feat. As evidenced by the recent Cold Steel forum debacle, the amount and energy of posts can be crushing in the beginning, and if a company is not committed to it, they can be quickly overwhelmed. The more popular (and 'populist') the company's products, the more popular wouldd be the forum, naturally. Since CRKT's products hover around the $30-50 range, they are within most everyone's reach and their forum would undoubtably attract a lot of attention.
Thanks RH well said.

Basically any manufacturer is welcome to have a forum here. It is decision to come here as the offer is on the table.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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CRKT forum??

Sounds like a good idea to me.

IMHO, you hit the nail square on the head.

--The Raptor--
I talked with them last week at the SHOT show about joining the forum and they feel they just couldn't do it justice. Both Paul and Rod do alot of trade shows, etc and they are the two that would need to reply to the posts. I haven't given up on them. Maybe it will happen in time. I offered to help and I'm sure the other makers that work with them would also. Let's keep trying.
It would be a great idea. Their products have continued to evolve at a rapid rate and they appear to be headed to a leadership role in the industry.
CRKT forum -- Heck Yeah! I'd love to see it.

aka "kuma575"
Do we need a CRKT forum? Based on what was at the Shot Show, you bet we do. At this pace, they will be the future in knives. Al
Crkt is becoming a major player. It would be nice to see a forum.

Life is good......


Always do right....this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
CRKT needs a forum to provide feedback as to why their impressive new line of AUS6 knives aren't going to sell as well as they should.