CRKT Gray Ghost

Mar 6, 1999
I saw a really neat little pocket liner lock called a CRKT Gray Ghost at the Syracuse NY Gun Show today (9/18/99). The dealer wanted $60.00 which I thought was a little steep.
I have 2 questions?

1) Was the price too high?
2) Where can I locate one again? I searched this Forum and the Web and found no reference to this really neat little knife.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Take a look at:
I didn't read through all of it, but that knife is shown there.
The price seems to vary according to the handle material.
I have a Mirage with aluminum handles that I received as a gift. It seems to be a decent quality knife, fits my hand well, etc., and if I were in the market for that kind of knife, I would have no problem in paying $60 for it.
Here's CRKT's website:
They sell it for $75
Hope that helps

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The knives you are looking for are in the Mirage line by CRKT...all Jim Hammond design. They are coming out with a smaller version and Jim tells me that they will have a nice titanium handled frame-lock Wharncliffe blade version (Jim, if you are reading you can chime in on this...more news?) In any case, I own several and like them all, really great quality for the money. BTW, $60 is way too high, the price I've seen for the 3 inch bladed version ranges from $32.00 to about $42.00.

2. Try . If it's not listed, Email Roger.He probably has them in stock. I got my little Wharncliffe from him at a really good price.The Mirage Gray Ghosts (there are several,I think.I have two.)are top quality,some of the best bargains in folders, IMHO.

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The websites several of you listed provide a good view of the Gray Ghost. The large size (3.5" blade) retails for $74.95 and the small size (3" blade) for $59.95.

One interesting note, the first 100 each of the standard bladed Mirage Gray Ghost (200 total, serrated and non/serrated) utilized the British spelling, "Grey" on the blades, and "Grey Ghost" is shown on the same side (left) as "Mirage". These were the first run pre-production pieces with a distinctive marking should you happen to run across one.

Have the first prototype for the titanium framelock baby Mirage in hand. Way cool. Not sure, however, if the Wharncliffe will be included in first run or not. Will know more later.

Thanks for your interest in the Mirage.

Jim Hammond
I definitely give it a thumbs-up. On our trip to Golden Beth and I picked up 7 new Spydies and 1 "other" - a Gray Ghost. Really slick little knife - nice construction, fit of the handle is good, light bead-blast texture looks and feels super, action is very smooth. Beth collects little "modern" folders (think Leopard Cub to start) and she was instantly taken with it. The cutout on the locking liner is especially interesting. My only gripes are that the clip is very tight and a little "blocky" compared to the knife's lines, and the blade grind and finish are blurry and very second-rate. I'm not sure what we paid, but $60 seems high but still worth it. This knife is a real contender with similar offerings from Spyderco and Benchmade.