CRKT K.I.S.S. folder

May 11, 1999
I saw the CRKT KISS 6 months ago at my local cutler and immediately bought it impressed as I was by its unique and clever design and size.
I quickly lost faith in the knife however based on a couple of observations:

1. It's so small and the steel of the handle liner lock so flexible that I often find during use that the lock closes (fortunately I haven't cut myself,yet!)

2. The mating of the blade to the handle is such that the blade scrapes the handle during closing thus destroying the bead blast finish on the handle.

Has anyone else had these problems? Am I expecting too much from a $40 knife or what?

Jason F.

A fair amount has been said about the Columbia River Knife and Tool offerings. You'll find most of this information in the Knife Reviews section, which you can acess in two ways:

1) Directly entering the Knife Reviews forum, and setting the "Days viewed" counter back to scan all the posts ever made in that time period.

2) Use the Bladeforums "search" feature to immediately find any posts using the keywords you suggest.

Just to get you started, clicking on the below link will take you to one of the last threads on the KISS folder; my thoughts are outlined there.


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You should definitely check out that link and others regarding the KISS.

I also have a post in that thread that might intrest you.

My advice to you would be to retire the knife and be glad you haven't been sliced by it yet.
I got one too, just for a conversation piece. It is really a cool little pocket knife. However, it is NOT worth $40. Not only that, I got mine at cost, $18. -AR

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I agree with Jackyl, that knife should cost no more than $20. I have one and carried it for awhile as a money clip, but could see how it would open in my pocket just by bumping it (now I am considering a Spydie Navigator as a money clip)! Since I still have I have found one safe use for it, I use it as a pencil sharpener while at the university (have actually had to use it during a test). I think for a student, it is not a bad investment as a CHEAP clip on knife in your backpack!!
I removed the thumb knob from my K.I.S.S. and tighten the blade a tad. It quit trying to open in my pocket. Been useing it as a money clip for 8 months or so.

Well I have been carrying mine for about 6 or so months. No problems at all. I do like taking it through airports! Just throw it in the basket like it was a money clip.

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I too bought a KISS a few months ago. Real cool design. Unfortunately, I'm a leftie and the KISS is just an accident waiting to happen. It's just way to easy to squeeze the lock off. If I could use my right hand well enough, I'd be tempted to carry it. It's collecting dust now. If they had a left-handed model, I buy it.

BTW - I haven't had any trouble with the blade rubbing. I must have gotten a well-matched knife.

huh! I guess I got a good one too: only a light rubbing of the blade on the frame, and I've never had it open or close on me unintentionally. But I'm no great fan of the steel, and although it's a right-hand knife it sems to have a left-hand chisel configuration of the blade. However this is a small knife, meant for very light use, and if I wasn't restricted to a 2.5" blade by my inance City ordinances I wouldn't consider the KISS for daily carry. [Actually, I just replaced it with a cut-down a REKAT utility fang to 2.5" and made an in-pocket Kydex sheath that clips to the pocket; it is butt-ugly but a very functional alternative!]

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Let's see,
I bought my KISS in Arizona this past March. It bit me once during a briefing, at which point I sprung a leak. Then, most recently, the stop screw disappeared. I have no clue where it went. So I switched the thumbscrew to the stopscrew "gap". Tightened the pivot. Great money clip, I must say.

It holds an edge about as well as I hold a tune(that's no accomplishment, trust me). But, it still holds that "whathehellisthat" factor when you pull it out of your pocket.

Would I buy another one? No.
Would I recommend one? another No.

Just my opinion, of course.