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CRKT KFF question

Feb 12, 2001
Hi, everybody, this is my first post. First, a quick thanks to all the people who post here. I have been so busy reading all the great info here and trying to absorb it that I haven't had time to post. Anyway, I have a question regarding the CRKT Crawford Kasper Folder. I recently purchased the small combo edge, and liked it so much I purchased the large plain edge model as well. My question involves blade play. The small model is rock solid, both with and without the LAWKS engaged. The large model, however, has just the tiniest amount of blade play-- when open, I can vigourously grasp it at the tip and feel, but not see, a bit of blade movement-- it't that slight. Is it normal to be able to induce a minor amount of blade play by hand with vigorous pressure? This only occurs when i really try hard to move the blade; otherwise, it is very solid. I tried adjusting the blade pivot torx fastener, but even a tiny bit of tightening makes the blade extermely stiff to open. I feel like I am just nit-picking, but wonder if this is something normal or if it is worth sending the knife back to CRKT. Is this blade play just the result of the size of the large model? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If its that difficult to feel/cause blade play, I wouldn't worry about it. All materials have a failing point. I don't think your getting close to that point, but I think you've found the amount of pressure needed to cause the materials to flex.Chances are your smaller KFF is the same way , only due to its size you can't get the same amount of leverage when you grasp the tip of the blade.

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Remember that the longer blade is a longer lever arm and allows you to exert more force to the pivot. It will be possible to cause movement it the pivot of any folder if you push hard enough, the question you have to answer is how hard do you have to push. Reading your post I think you answered your own question.

As long as the blade doesn't fall off the handle when you open it, I wouldn't worry about it.

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