CRKT KISS vs Cammilus Arclite D Ralph Design


Jan 31, 2001
hi - had these 2 about a month now and would like to share my opinion of them with you all - the CRKT KISS i got is the tanto combo blade, came pretty sharp but had to work on it some to get the thing right - first knife i've had w/the chisel edge and its really pretty easy - seems to hold an edge ok, well maybe not like my emerson or BM but then again cost about 1/4 of 1 of them sooo - i carry mine with the handle wrapped, which is easy enought to do on this knife if ya can lace up shoes anyway - has a pretty neat sheath with a several carry options - around the neck, a clip on the sheath, belt loops, and a horizontal mount - i carry almost 100% of the time using the belt clip, on my right hip inside the pants - the knife is really too heavy IMHO for a neck carry - just too big along with the sheath and heavy too- been thinking about cutting out mine(the sheath) along the middle part molded around the knife, and doing away with the neck carry and belt loop options - will make it a lot narrower and shorter and easier to carry and conceal IMHO -will let yall know how it turns out - gotta figure out what to use to cut it - but anyway IMHO that is really where this knife is best used, in a belt carry - its just a little longer/heavier than the Cuda and ya wouldnt think it mattered but it does believe me - the Cuda is really what ya should get IMHO if ya want a dedicated neck knife - this knife came sharper than any knife i have ever had from the factory(spyderco, emerson, BM, gerber) - shaving sharp easy - i wrapped the handle with paracord to fit my hand better - i exchanged emails with darrel ralph the designer, thinking about a custom knife, and asked him how to best wrap it with the cord and he said he carries his with out any cord soo - but i have a big hand - the knife has a well designed simple sheath that carries well - i wear it when i bike, 4-5 times a week and ya forget its there - a real keeper i like it a lot - so IMHO if ya want a neck knife get the Arclite, and if ya want a belt carry or clip carry try the KISS(but really a lot of better belt carry knives out there IMHO, when carrying a sheath knife i carry my MOD Razorback, and its a hell of a lot better belt knife than the CRKT, perhaps an unfair comparison because of the price on the MOD, $170 retail) - and the NECK PECK might be a good 1 too - and i wanna get 1 of those woo's from wicked knife co - they look cool too and $25 - so for $25 ya can get a lot of knife anyway ya go, these are both good knives in there own way.........

have a good 1

Thanks a lot, been thinking about getting a neck knife, maybe not for neck carry, but a smaller fixed blade.

The one thats nr 1 on my list is the REKAT Utility, but been thinking about the others as well. Might even get the Arclight as well as the REKAT.
The steel is better in the Stiff Kiss (but not by much). However the Glass bead is a big downer for me. I own the S K and have never really used it as a neck knife. I think I will get a Fred Perrin La Griffe.


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I think the CUDA Arclite and the CRK&T Modified Drop Point are great knives for the price point. I do kinda of give a nod to the Arclite as the better neck knife.

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