CRKT/Kit Carson Model 16

Oct 12, 1998
Does anybody know when this knife is supposed to to be released? I've seen pictures of it, and it looks to be a good work knife and comes in a variety in blade sizes too...Does anyone know if this or Kit's custom tanto version are double ground or chisel? Thanks.
The M16 blades are hollow ground. Never cared much for the chisel grind.
Delivery should begin in late April.
I saw the m16 at the SHOTSHOW, and its NICE! I am constantly amazed at the quality that CRK&T is able to come up with for the price. I plan on getting on of the drop pt/spear pts for myself. And if you like Tanto's, this one is very nicely done, hollow on both sides. Pretty work Kit......

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
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I saw these at the SHOT SHOW and was really impressed. Not only is it an "economy" knife that isn't so hard on the wallet, it has a great deal of quality for its price point. In the BANG FOR BUCK category this one is hard to beat. This knife is going to be a real winner for all parties involved.

I agree with everything that Sid said. The CRKT Carsons are very well made knives and a custom design at very comfortable pricing. I wish knives like this were around bak when I first picked up the "habit".

The Carson flipper - knife closed, the flipper protrudes through the handle spine. Hold the knife in your hand, with the index finger resting on the flipper. Push up on the flipper and at the same time jerk your wrist upwards. These two motions will propel the blade open with about enough force as flicking a regular liner lock knife. And when the knife is open, the flipper serves as a finger guard. Pretty neat huh?

Dexter Ewing
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Hi everybody,
Thanks for the replies all. I am still and constantly amazed to get replies and emails in some cases from well known (in this case VERY well known) knife makers. When posting, I didn't expected the maker I was referring to to reply, but kudos to Mr. Carson and his project with CRKT. I love hollow ground knives and love the design on the tanto in particular, also I am happy to find that the production one will be similar. Thanks again to the replies and!


p.s. they ARE pretty!