CRKT Knifes

Oct 3, 1998
I was just wondering if you guys have had any troble with CRKT knifes? I've had to send back an Apache,ApacheII and a M16-13 for liner lock failure. Just a light tap would cause the lock to fail
Is it just me or do they have some quality problems?
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hey jim, i used to be against taiwan-made knives; but i can't ignore quality. i recently picked up a crkt m 16-14 and have been very pleased with tastes usually run a little more pricey[i.e. you get what you pay for] but i have been quite pleased. i have a friend with pockets considerably deeper than mine {and the knives to prove it} and he has been using his m 16 around his work and problms! i have friends working in a local gun/knife shop and they say the crkt's are one of their best sellers! apparently with no complaints. no lock failures here. good luck. russ aka bladezealot a sick mind is never bored

I've got about a half dozen CRKT knives and not a problem with one of them. I like Benchmades too, BUT...IMO CRKT has superior consistency and quality control. Some don't like the AUS-6M that CRKT uses a lot, but I haven't had any problems. CRKT holds their Taiwan manufacturer to a high standard, and thus have helped prove that Taiwan has always been a potential stronghold of quality knifemaking. It just needed a good company to expect more.
I feel there are some improvements that could be made on various models I own...more in design regarding how some models can scrape the pockets. But as cutting tools, most of their line is up there with the better manufacturers today.
I have CRKT Mirage Gray Ghost and tiny Commander Doolittle and I haven't any problems with them. In my opinion CRKT knives have very attractive ratio between price and performance.
By the way, it can sound curiously but Taiwan made Mirage Gray Ghost has the smoothest action among all my folders including those from top-notched production knife manufacturers.

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Lodz, Poland

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Scanpro, I think you have had a run of incredibly bad luck! I have 10 CRKT's of various types and have had nary a problem.In fact,as a line, I believe that they are probably one of the best values in knives today! Admittedly, I don't torture test my knives, but I do test the locks, and have had no problem.Please let us know how this turns out.

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I agree with all those who have posted so far. I have sevaral CRKTs, I use an Apache II everyday, for very hard use(like cutting packing straps) I have never had a problem! The only complaint I have had, and its my own fault, is little rust spots. Overall the knives can't be beat, literally. I have tried! Most bang for the buck.

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I've given away several CRKT knives as gifts, and gotten a couple as gifts. No complaints either way. For someone who's not 'into' knives like us, a CRKT knife is top of the line compared to the POS they sell at swap meets and megamalls. My little Bear Claw that I got for Christmas has seen a LOT of use in our kitchen(even left it in the sink overnight) and no rust, no problems. Even with the thin edge, I haven't been able to chip it on bone. Of course I treat the knife with Tuf Cloth first...

I'm waiting to see CRKT's Crawford KFF and Point Guard; I'm already saving my moolah for them!
Thanks for the replies guys.I've got new knifes back within a couple of weeks so no problem with that and I do like that M16-13 alot.

Have a good one,