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CRKT Lightfoot M1 vs. Lone Wolf T3 Ranger

Jan 2, 2007
hello all...first time poster, long time knife carrier, collecter, enthusiest. Anyway, I'm in the market for a new heavy-duty folder, and these are the models I've narrowed it down to: CRKT Lightfoot M1 and the Lone Wolf T3 Ranger. Basically, does the $299 price tag justify the Lone Wolf, and do they still have some QC problems? Seems like I get more "bang for my buck" with the CRKT ($79) and nice AUS 8 steel; but is it as heavy duty as the T3 Ranger? Thanks for any input.
Sorry, can't realy help you

Just want to say I found the lightfoot microtechs the nicest folders made.
It's a pitty they are discontinued

Don't know about the T3 but the M1 is one of favorite knives. If you like the way it looks then you will love the way it feels in your hand. I have the partialy serrated but looking back I wish I would have bought the plain edge. Either way you won't go wrong with the M1
Based on their size, the Lone Wolf that's comparable to the
CRKT Lightfoot is the T1. And I'd take a T1 over the CRKT Lightfoot
any day of the week - even though it's one of CRKT's nicest knives.
Don't know about the T3, but I do own an M1. The M1's handle style is nice if your hand fits it:) I have med. small hands and it's fine for most things, but the edges are a bit sharp - got around it by sanding them down a bit. It's one of those knives that kinda grows on you... I've only handled the T2 and if the T3 is anywhere close to the T2, I would probably take it over the M1. Bang for the buck? Based on how I buy and "cut" things - the M1 would win hands down. I have no qualms about beating the tar out of my M1, but I don't use my more expensive folders anywhere that hard unless I have to. Not that they can't take it, just a phobia, if you will, that I have. I have my beater blades and the "others". Just me. When I got my M1, the liner was just engaging the tang - it's now over 2/3's of the way across. Hasn't seen any pocket time in a loooongg time - I buy/have/used a fair number of folders since then. I definitely got my money's worth out of it. AUS8A is fine for what I do - it sharpens easily and takes a screamer edge. On the other side of the coin - I like Greg Lightfoot's stuff and this is the closest I'll probably get to one:)

- gord
Sorry, can't realy help you

Just want to say I found the lightfoot microtechs the nicest folders made.
It's a pitty they are discontinued


Don't lose faith. It will likely come back after a few years like all the other MT knives.
I have both the M1 and a cheap copy of the pictured knife. Greg Lighfoot's ergonomics work for me, the M1 was my beater knife until I got tired of the saber grind and lack of a point. Cuts well, grips well, tends to being heavy and wide but does the job.

The cheap copy is a bolster fired auto that linerlocks. A real chunk for carry and absolute junk grind lines, but faithful in the grip and action. For ten times more you'd get a great knife - and one you'd be proud to own.
You really are talking about two different grades of knives I own both and use both and I feel the lone wolf is a better knife but the crkt is also a hell of a knife. Thats coming from someone that hates crkt's I think the m1 is by far their best knife.