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CRKT M-16: What kind of steel?

Mar 29, 1999
I know somebody wrote a review some days ago, but I have to ask a very precise question:

Does somebody know if the blade is AUS-8 or AUS-6, and an idea of its HRC? I saw a catalogue from CRKT stating is AUS-6, on the Net I read AUS-8, HRC 57-58.



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AUS 8 Bead Blasted Finish Stainless Steel Blade (RC 58-59)
6061 T6 Aluminum Handle, Grey Anodized
Removable pocket clip
Ambi Thumb Stud
3 Blade Sizes (3.94",3.56",3.125")

Nice little Kit Carson repro. What ever happened to the titanium integral-locking S2 from CRKT? Haven't seen it anywhere.

You might want to check out the reviews section with a search. I did a mini-review ~2 weeks ago and there were several other favorable mentions of this knife. Buy it, you won't be disappointed - very good qualities at its price point.

knife dealer

perhaps you can find S2 at the Knifecenter (www.knifecenter.com).


I am seriously considering to have an M16. I saw it on the Net at $ 60 USD, I'll have to pay $ 105 USD here in Italy were I live.

I bought some knives on the Net, but I have to add $ 20 for shipping, 20% of taxes and, say, $ 15 USD for Custom Fees. Last time it took 8 weeks. If someone could suggest a cheapest, safest, fastest way...

The Carson M-16 has a AUS8 stainless steel blade with a fine bead, non-reflective bead-blast finish, and a stainless steel locking liner. The handle is made of 6061T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum with a perimeter radius. The blade comes in Razor Sharp, or combined Triple Point. The two largest models, the M16-04 and M16-14, come with the "Carson Flipper," which serves as an extra blade gaurd and makes for faster opening. The thumb stud looks rough, but has a smooth finish. It's described as a "full-sized working knife." They retail for $79.95 on CRKT's website(www.crkt.com), or on KCI for $20-$25 less.

If I sound like an ad, it's because I have been researching this knife and may possibly buy it. Please, if you have any reflections on this knife, let me know. Can I expect other quality products from CRKT, such as their fixed-blades?

Professor, KnifeCenter of the InterNet has the M-16's in stock, but not the S-2. You can find those on CRKT's website, www.crkt.com

I looked at these at a locat retailer - Dang - these are cool knives!
I am going to have to get one!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

I have personally handled and used the mid size version of this knife. The M16-03 spear point in plain edge.

At first I was not that excited about the knife since the liner lock didn't look that impressive. It didn't snap onto the tang like the liner of my StarMate or Genesis does. So I put a lot of pressure on the spine to see if I could get the liner to fail and I could not. I then whacked the spine against a phone book four or five times hard and still nothing. It held well. I then got to use the knife for a few days since I have entertained getting the full size M16 tanto (which I have ordered).

I like this knife!
There is no blade play or wobble. Like I mentioned earlier the blade locks up securely. The handle ergos are comfortable and the pocket clip holds the knife very securely.

Testing the knife on rope and driftwood was impressive, too. The knife was razor sharp and I then whittled this huge piece of drift wood for about 15 minutes and the blade still shaved. I then tried to cut our infamous 1.5 inch manilla rope that I find all over the beach that floats up on shore here on the island (seriously, always a free supply of rope compliments of the fishing fleet) and I then worked the blade hard until it became sufficiently dull. The AUS8 sharpens very easily on the Triangle-Sharpmaker and it was razor sharp in no time.

Overall it is an excellent knife for $50 and I don't feel anyone can go wrong with one of Kits repros here. It's lightweight, comfortable and though the edge holding is typical for AUS8 it does resharpen very easily, which is one reason I like AUS8.

A good knife at a good price. The clip is only tip down carry. The thumb studs are ambi, and the satin finish hides the small scratches quite well. The blade rests dead smack in the middle of the handle. The pivot is adjustable. Lots of stuff here for only $50.